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Aug 6, 2011 06:32 PM

Dinner party at Trizest 6 August 2011 ( Detroit area)

15 CH friends met tonight at Trizest for a very eclectic and best efforts authentic Sizchuan menu and we finally got to have real DanDan noodles! I will let others complete the comments. Menu posted on previous Trizest post. Not all the dishes are on the American menu but the Chinese name will get you through to the kitchen (pixel density not really that good for Chinese characters).

I must say the squirrel-shaped fish (whole fish cut in squirrel tail shapes) was very well done and the sequencing of hot to cool to hot to cooling was very nice.

Varied dishes and good concensus on the spice level, appearance and presentation. Good service and organization.

Thanks to all.

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  1. I apologize to everyone (especially GG) of rnot being able to make it out. Had unexpected out of state (Ohio) relatives drop in today. Bummed I missed out.

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      1. Then I thought to look at your profiles. D'oh.


      2. I had a great time, and enjoyed the food tonight far more than the Shangri-La dinner night. My top two dishes would be the dumplings in chili oil, and the squirrel tail-shaped fish dish. Both were really great to my mouth. Many other dishes were very good, too, but those two stood out.

        As you can imagine, not every dish struck a chord with everyone, but almost every (all?) dish scored with someone. Example: I didn't think much of the eggplant at all (fairness in reporting: the very best eggplant dish ever made would probably be only "okay" to me), but several others were really enjoying it. I'd say that's a sign of a well-made dish.

        In fact, out of the 15 or so dishes that were served (including the dessert soup), only two were ones I wouldn't eat again. Everything else ran from decent to downright wonderful.

        Even better? The service was great, too. Water glasses never ran empty (at least, not mine), they were only too happy to bring lots of extra napkins for those of us (like me) who have noses that run at the slightest hint of spice, the dishes came out nicely presented, and the general attitude wasn't one of "serving the outsiders", but one of "Hey! These people want the good stuff! Let's deliver!" They did, with great attitudes. A pleasure to pay their asking price, along with the tip. Well done.

        Company, as always, was great, too. Saw some familiar and some new faces, and enjoyed myself once again.

        Oh...those dumplings and the fish dish. WANT. NOW.

        I'll be back.

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          Went back tonight and had those same pork dumplings in chili oil, with a side order of white rice. I actually had to ask the owner to be sure I got the right ones, and she remembered me from our dinner there! Needless to say, there wasn't any problem getting her to remember what it was that I wanted.

          Suffice it to say that, yes: I left very happy, and filled, and was out the door after a very nice tip for $10. I'm still happy thinking about it right now!

          Great place, and FYI: I was the only non-Asian in there tonight.

          1. re: boagman

            Are the dumplings in chili oil that you had at the dinner different than the dumplings on the menu that come with dipping sauce that has chili oil in it?

            Because of all that I have read here on Trizest, I went there for lunch on Monday. Loved it.

            Had the dumplings (off the menu) and the Szechuan Lamb. When I was finished eating, I felt a bead of perspiration running down the back of my neck.... never had that happen to me before!

            Loved the heat, but have to admit it was starting to push the upper end of my heat envelope <g>


            1. re: BobRe

              Don't know if they're different or not, BobRe, but the dumplings I had were served in a bowl (12 of them) with the chili oil all over and around them. Served with a large spoon, you can stir the sauce around and coat the dumplings as often as you wish.

              They're very, very tasty things.

              1. re: boagman

                Thanks boagman. If not the same, they sound very similar, although the dumplings I had weren't served in the chili oil, but the dipping sauce did have chili oil it. And I think there were 6 to a serving.

                Liked them a lot though.

                I'll have to ask more about them the next time I go.


                1. re: boagman

                  Missmind has the pics in a post further up. Thank you. The individual dishes were downsized as we had 16 courses so the pic is of a downsized portion.

                  JJPSW also has some pics in her post a couple of notches down.

                  You will find the chili dumplings in both posts of individual portions. Nice camera work to both friends.

                  I have posted the menu again with the Chinese characters so there will be no confusion.

          2. Agree with the sentiments so far -- this was an excellent dinner, and I was surrounded by excellent company!

            Like boagman, the dumplings and squirrel fish were two of my favorites, and i was pretty disappointed with the eggplant (way too much batter, IMO). But the dumplings were great, as was the fish. I also loved the lobster (but I've never met a lobster I didn't at least like). The squid was another favorite--the crispy-chewy texture combination was great, and I really like food that has a little sprinkle of a spiced salt (e.g. chaat masala on chaat) that leaves you wanting another bite that will tickle your tongue with that burst of flavor.

            I did a slightly more thorough writeup, with some photos, here:

            It was great meeting everyone, and thank you so much to goatgolfer for getting this organized!

            1. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable evening. The food and company were wonderful. As most said, some hits, some misses, but overall good. I too enjoyed the dumpling. Could eat a plate full. I'll definitely try to make another of these events. Nice pics jjspw, good write up too.

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                One note to add. We started discussing Sushi, and I mentioned the Rev. Moon. Here is a link to the article: Sushi and Rev. Moon
                How Americans' growing appetite for sushi is helping to support his controversial church