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Aug 6, 2011 05:31 PM

Super Market Suprises?

I was surprised to discover Walmart's cheesecake is way better than Publix. Denser, but not too dense, nice graham cracker crust, a hint of vanilla and not too sweet. Publix was was airy, crustless and non distinct in its flavor. What super market surprises have you had?

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  1. cake from the bakery at my local Hannaford's. I usually make my own, was caught up once & unable to bake. I was hoping it would be edible - and it was more than that. Not homemade, but pretty darn good for a supermarket cake & better than some bakeries. We've gotten them a few times, and the cake is always moist & the frosting is not sickly sweet. I still prefer to bake, but I have no problems picking one up if pressed for time.