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A Welcome Pizza Comeback

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A lot of pizza lovin' Angelenos were disappointed a couple of years ago when Albano's, with locations on Melrose and on Ventura Blvd in the Valley, suddenly shut down. The closing definitely deprived us of a solid NY style purveyor of pies and slices. A reliable slice joint is especially rare in LA even as the pie scene slowly improves. Well, as of 3 weeks ago, Albano's is BACK! i was driving down Melrose today, wondering where i could get a quick and satisfying bite. And then as I turned my head, there was Albano's, again. So i slowed down and even found a parking spot right across the street. The pizzeria offers one of the best pizza deals around. While Joe's and Vito's, my usual go to slice spots, can charge between $4-5 a slice, my thin crust, cheese slice with sausage topping was $2.50...a very tasty "Marco" slice, kind of a lasagna slice with a marinara sauce, mozz, ricotta and meatball was extremely satisfying. Now, it aint Mozza or Sotto, but man, Im glad Albano's is back!

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