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Aug 6, 2011 05:20 PM

Anniversary trip to Provence

This is our anniversary itinerary planned for later this September - we have some basic bases of operations, with the thought of exploring from there. Any advice on places to eat and things to do? We'll have a car, flying into Geneva and driving down to Aix and then working outrway back up the Rhone so we can easily do day trips. We're big Rhone wine fans, accustomed to grabbing some cheese, baguettes and nosh for lunch and and very interested in wine tasting, and finding a casual, yet fabulous place for dinner but not exactly well versed in speaking french. If we had one special night to celebrate our anniverary in the vast Provence area (quality of experience, not fancy or pretentious) where should we go?

Day 1-5 (Sep 17-21) - Land in Geneva and Drive to Aix
Day 6-10 (Sep 22-25) Avignon
Day 11-15 (Sep 26-Oct 1)

Many thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. If it were my anniversary, I'd chose Pierre Reboul in Aix - but we like molecular gastronomy. If that's not your kind of thing (too fancy?), for great food in a quintessential Provençal stone-walled room set in a charming Provençal village, I'd suggest looking at l'Arôme in Bonnieux, la Bartavelle in Goult, and la Table de Ventebren in Ventebren. Have a great celebration.

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      Super - i'm already salivating after a quick look at the websites!

    2. Congratulations on your anniversary and the planned trip : )

      Avignon and Aix can be nice bases to explore the Luberon - Parc Naturel regional du Luberon - whose mountain ranges and the plains in between nestle most beautiful perched villages, hiking/walks, great restaurants, and fabulous markets if you are willing to explore. Here are several recent threads linked below that uses Avignon and Aix as the jumping points to explore Provence, and my report after getting happily lost in Luberon.

      Honeymoon in Provence

      16 Days in Provence and the proposed Itinerary and Restaurants

      2 Weeks in the Luberons in Early April 2011: Trip Report

      Also I hope Pammel, who lives in Sablet which is next to Gigondas, won't mind me mentioning the blog here which contains vast amount of info in the region of your interest; I have found it to be very informative and helpful. Here's the link:

      Best of wishes!