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Aug 6, 2011 04:20 PM

Need some beach-themed appetizers...

This is a kids party but I'm looking to do apps for both kids an adults. The entree and dessert portions of the menu are all set but the only app on the menu right now is coconut shrimp... Any suggestions?

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  1. Clam cakes, also known as clam fritters. Cape Cod in the summer.

    1. bloody mary shrimp or oyster shooters
      crab dip
      or little crab stuffed tomatoes
      we love bacon wrapped shrimp
      mini crab cakes are always a big hit

        1. It seems to beg for the "plate sand" all these restaurants are doing... I think whatever you make you should sprinkle with bread crumbs and call it sand!

          1. I purchased some children's pails w shovels from the dollar store and filled them w some of the apps and snacks for a nautical themed function we hosted. Two held dips, the others had chips, popcorn, mixed nuts and breadsticks.