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Aug 6, 2011 04:10 PM

guisados in East Los Angeles

Very, very good. Try the sampler, about six tiny soft tacos with ingredients such as cochinita pibil and steak picado. The shrimp tacos are excellent! We asked for some salsa and were given this little container of what seemed to be a blended habanero mixture, only used a few drops, and it did the trick! Very good place! I'll go back for a third time, definitely!

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  1. Went there today for the first time - and I will be back.

    The shrimp taco alone is worth the drive and I kept stealing bites of my husbands chicken tinge taco. So good!

    1. Also ate at Guisados for the first time recently -- used my $20 Voucher from Voice Daily Deals (cost $10). Started with the 6 mini-Taco Sampler as my appetizer and then followed up with 2 full size Shrimp Tacos, 1 full size Chorizo Taco, 1 Full Size Chicken Mole and a Diet Coke. Total bill was $20.29 (actual cost was only $10.29). Of course, I also left a tip.

      Great thick homemade corn tortillas and loved the hot habanero salsa. I liked the Shrimp Tacos the most. The taco sampler is good for fist time patrons so that they can sample a variety. For future visits, I will skip the taco sampler and stick with the full size tacos

      Since I was in the general neighborhood, I stopped by Mariscos Jalisco Truck and ate 2 Tacos Dorado de Cameron for dessert.

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      1. re: Norm Man

        Norm Man -

        Fun to hear you liked the shrimp tacos too. But yow, you put my husband and I to shame, we ordered less food than you and still brought some home!

        We had never been to that neighborhood before - with Guisados, I know we will be back. We will now check out the Mariscos Jalisco Truck. Anything else in the neighborhood you would recommend?

        1. re: happybaker

          There are lots of good eats in that neighborhood, along most of Cesar Chavez as well...

          But in close proximity, I also love Antojitos Carmen... The best DF style snacks under one roof! I adore their Quesadillas, Pambasos and honestly, they have the best enchiladas in L.A.


          1. re: Dommy

            Thanks Dommy! That place looks awesome.

            Have you ever been for breakfast? I am a sucker for good chilequiles or eggs with chilies....

            And the quesadillas DO look awesome.

            1. re: happybaker

              Yes, althought their Chilaquilles are good... their specialty is the VERY DF soup of Migas... extraordinarily hearty soup made with chunks of bread...


              And we DREAM of their Alambre... it looks horribly greasy... but it's SO good... cheese, veggies, bacon. With their handmade tortillas, no egg dish can compare...



              1. re: Dommy

                I'll confess, the Alambre does look a tad, um, glistening.

                But that soup - yum!

                1. re: happybaker

                  The alambre is delicious, not greasy at all.

                2. re: Dommy

                  2nd the Alambre. It's a dish not found at many places and it's done very well here. Also ask for the salsa de semillas if they don't have it out.

                  1. re: Dommy

                    Oh my gosh, that alambre looks amazing. I loved the version at Los Chllangos in Anaheim and the wife has never been since it hasn't worked out to take her there. This is closer and easier to figure out .

                    1. re: Jase

                      If the Anaheim version is anything like the Santa Ana version, and you loved it, this one will blow your mind.

              2. re: happybaker

                Happybaker, I don't get to the area around Giusados much anymore since I moved from Marina del Rey to San Clemente -- another reason why I made a pig (6 full size tacos and 6 mini-tacos) of myself. I suggest you try Los Cincos Puntos (great corn tortillas and carnitas) on Cesar Chavez and Mexicali Tacos -- on Figueroa about 2.3 miles west of Giusados.

                If you have the time and appetite, go on the following Taco Crawl:


              3. re: Norm Man

                Dang! I've done the Guisado's taco sampler and Mariscos truck combo trip but never that much food.

                1. re: Jase

                  The owner of Guisados Ricardo Diaz also owns a restaurant Ceviche in Monterey Park. I'm wondering if that is the small restaurant on Atlantic that was recently a French bakery. I've noticed that the new place appears to be a Mexican restaurant but have never driven by the front so not sure of the name. Also wondering about the food.

                  1. re: SoozyQ

                    That would be Dorados. I enjoy it, especially if you're just in the mood for a light snack. Their agua frescas aren't as delicious as they are at Cook's, but the watermelon (which I think they always have) is refreshing. Definitely worth a try if you like ceviche. And you can sample all the different types of ceviche. They usually have about 4 or 5.

                    They do some tacos and whatnot as well, but I've never really enjoyed their other stuff.

              4. Does anyone else find the tortillas at Guisados a little too dense/thick, or is it just me? I really enjoy the guisados themselves and usually love a good fresh tortilla, but every time I go there I feel like they just sort of overwhelm the taco. Almost strikes me as closer to what you find in a huarache or sope.

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                1. re: ronsilverado

                  I do, I think it works well with the fillings. Even with the samplers, they don't skimp and their guisados are hearty and flavorful. Although you might taste a 'little bit too much' tortilla, as someone who bomoans the quality of tortillas in general in the U.S. (In Mexico they are a completely different beast with real corn flavor) I find it lends to a nice balance between the rich guisado and toasty tortilla. It works exceptionally well with their Chorizo tacos for example... Any other tortilla would not stand a chance and you'd get overwhelmed by the second bite...


                  Nevertheless, for a thinner and equally delicious tortilla, I love the ones they make at Anotjitos Carmen. Although AC doesn't have that amazing chorizo...


                  1. re: Dommy

                    Dommy, is that some type of avocado sauce and salsa added by you, or is that the way the chorizo tacos come out of the kitchen? They look ethereal.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      That is how it came out of the kitchen. They tasted Etherial. Dommy let me have a bite.

                2. The original comment has been removed