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Aug 6, 2011 03:07 PM

Huntington Beach Rec: Trejo's Mexican

After my 5th or 6th visit here I really have to recommend this place, especially for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Every Saturday and Sunday, they do an amazing roasted barbacoa (goat) which is tender and flavorful. I usually get a combination platter of the tender and moist carnitas and the aforementioned stellar barbacao which comes with rice and beans. The housemade chips and salsa are also excellent and addictive.

The soups and stews are also top notch here. As we speak, I'm feasting on a perfect pork neck bone soup which has tremendous flavor...and I'm trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to save the rest for dinner since I already polished off a combo carnitas and barbacoa plate only 30 minutes prior.

Skip the tacos and burritos. Come for the barbacoa and soups before you hit the beach or after a long day at the beach. It is really good eats. I would recommend lunch because the barbacoa is more plentiful and fresher. It tends to run out by dinnertime.

Trejo's Mexican Food
17436 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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  1. Thanks Porthos, we'll give this a try. Sounds tasty.

    1. I've wondered about that place... I pass it all the time. I'll give it a go soon. Thanks for the tips.

      1. Have you tried Taqueria Don Victor?

        I believe it is pretty close by according to your map.
        I usually go there when I'm in the HB area for their Barbacoa.

        I'll check out your place and see how they compare.

        Thanks for posting.

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        1. re: burntwater

          Haven't tried TDV yet. Do they have barbacoa every day or just on weekends like Trejos?

          Forgot to mention that the chile colorado and chile verde is also excellent at Trejos.

          1. re: Porthos

            I'm pretty sure it's daily (you can call to make sure) (714) 375-5677

            Here's a write up by the OC weekly


            Taqueria Don Victor

            17552 Beach Blvd
            Huntington Beach, CA 92647