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Aug 6, 2011 02:08 PM

Sprouts Farmers Market meat and fish

Is Sprouts Farmers Market meat and fish any different from Safeway, Lucky or Raley's ? They all use their own branding, like "Ranchers Reserve", "Master Cut", "Black Angus" or "Wild Caught Favorites", which I assume are all just marketing created terms, and really mean nothing about quality, production or processing.

Is Sprouts somehow better than those others ? If so, why/how are their prices in line with them, and so much lower than Whole Foods and Trader Joe's for those items ?

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  1. I've found that Sprouts (now also Henry's in San Diego, which is becoming Sprouts) more often has grass fed beef and chicken at reasonable prices, much more available than the big chain grocery stores. I stock up on it when I get to Sprouts.

    1. I've had some of Sprouts fish and it seems pretty good, their produce is also good at a good price.