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Aug 6, 2011 09:17 AM

DOCG Enoteca (Cosmo) or Enoteca Otto (Venetian)?

For a variety of foods not only the pizza.

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  1. Been reading on Yelp and other sites, and DOCG gets mixed reviews. However, sometimes I have to take them with a grain of salt and think about how much people know about what they are eating and what something really is. I am just not thrilled about selection at Otto although every Batali place I go to, I love.
    If anyone has/will be eating at DOCG Cosmo anytime soon, can you chime in? Is it that bright in there all night too? That might not be too atmospheric for evening.

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      Just got back from LV on Thursday and ate at DOCG on Monday. It was ok. I have eaten at Mozza in LA, Delfina in SF & Oenotri, Bovolo, Fatted Calf in Wine Country. I like to eat and read/research food. I love my pig.

      We started with the cured meat and cheese plater. It was nothing impressive. I wanted to order the grilled filone but we brought our kids and they were demanding salumi. We also ordered two pizzas. The crusts were nice and chewy. But the topping didn't jump out on me. We also had the pici w/ the duck sauce. Very rich. But I didn't want to mop up the sauce with the bread.

      If you had limited number of meals I wouldn't wasted them at DOCG.

      1. re: janeyoc

        Thanks janeyoc. Anywhere else you recommend to enjoy that type of menu in Vegas? Otto makes great pizza but the menu is pretty limited.