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Aug 6, 2011 08:16 AM

pimientos de Padrón

I am looking for Padron chili peppers. Does anyone know of any markets that have them? Are they called something else locally?I have not seen them at Northgate or North Park produce.

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  1. Several vendors at the Little Italy farmers market have had them. I'm pretty sure I saw them at the Susie's Farm stall, and they go to most of the farmers markets

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Great! being fairly new to the area I have only made it to a few farm markets (Mission Hills, OB and North Park)....I live closest to Little Italy and have not been yet-for shame!

      1. re: lyn

        It's on right now. By all means go. It's kind of a "see and be seen" kind of scene these days

        1. re: DiningDiva

          will have to wait until next Sat, in Portland now. I saw them here and it made me think of them. I ordered them everyday, every where when in Spain. addicted

    2. I've been getting them from Whole Foods - they carry Suzie's locally grown Padrons and they are incredible.

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        holy smokes 7.99 a lb at whole foods....will need to check the farm markets first :)

        1. re: lyn

          Saw them at Suzie Farm stand at Hillcrest Farmer's Market. Picked up a basket for $4. Pricey, but sooo good. FYI: Also saw Padron pepper plants for transplanting at Walter Anderson's Nursery near MCRD.

          Hillcrest Farmer's Market
          San Diego CA, San Diego, CA

          1. re: nmrios

            I bought some from Susie's yesterday,as well. Also they had the mature large red ones, which one of the Susie's women suggested were good for stuffing.

            1. re: pickypicky

              do you have a picture you can post? I tried Wikipedia but they were unhelpful.

              1. re: daantaat

                Hi Daantaat: I didn't know what these peppers were. apparently they are a popular tapas dish - fried peppers. Check out this you tube video to see what they look like and how to prepare them. I love the roulette nature of the peppers.

                1. re: pegasus505

                  thanks--they look very similar to shishito peppers!

      2. I ended up getting mine at Whole Foods. They are green and a bit smaller than the ones I had in Spain. I am really looking forward to trying them here as they were one of my favorite tapas. I was thinking of stuffing them with a medium soft sheep/goat Spanish cheese...but may just do the cheese on the side. Does anyone know of any Galician wine are available locally? In Spain it was served in ceramic cups because it was cloudy. I can't see that flying here, so I guess my chances are slim.

        Also as a side note I discovered (after I bought my peppers) that Sea Rocket bistro has a fried Padron tapa! I need to try that place-also fresh grilled sardines.........

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        1. re: lyn

          Costa Bravo in Pacific Beach is a Spanish restaurant/product store. I've never been there, but you might enjoy it. I know they have Spanish ham. If you go, give us a critique.

          1. re: pegasus505

            Great looking menu! I am relatively new to the area so it is nice to see promising places I have not been

        2. Sooo...I made my padrons-fried them in olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt. they were delicious. BUT, out of about 15-20 we did not get a suprise hot one. When I had these in spain, no matter where I went they were about 1:8 hot to regular. Do the locally grown Padrons have suprise hotties? I will be getting them again for sure, but I really loved getting a hot one.

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          1. re: lyn

            Yes, Ive received them from Suzies Farm in my CSA box and we definitely got some hot ones. I would say maybe 1:6 or so. That was last season though.

          2. After reading these posts, I went out and got a bunch of these guys from Susie's Farms, but they're all red. Do I cook the red ones like the green ones?

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            1. re: jmtreg

              I was told by the lady at Susie's that you do cook them the same way. However, if they're larger, she suggested stuffing them with cheese or something. I'd try frying one in olive oil to see if it cooks up the same as the smaller ones. . .