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Taste of the Danforth

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I haven't been in a few years. The last time I remember big crowds and long lines. Is it worth going anymore? Anything worth a try?

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  1. The crowds are the same (can't get much bigger, just the attendees are getting bigger) Very little worth trying. Globe Bistro has some good food and I tried it all.

    - Pulled beef sandwich $5
    - gazpacho $3
    - strawberry shortcake $3
    - smoothie $3

    I usually hit OUZERI for the lamb pies a few times, $3
    I was surprised at the lines for other places when there was no line at OUZERI

    Auld spot had oysters, but quite a lineup

    I live 2 minutes away but will be avoiding this circus for the rest of the weekend. The people I see are just there because the CNE and midway is not open yet.

    1. Yeah I too live in the area. There were some interesting eats. Lots of pulled pork / chicken tacos or sandwiches this year. There was this new place a couple of blocks west of Chester that had porchetta sandwiches with fresh cut porchetta out of the barbecue that looked fantastic. The place has a red sign. Maybe "*something* Cafe".

      The crowds weren't terrible for the more interesting places. It was just a long line if you really wanted a Messini gyro or a grilled quail.

      445 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P1, CA

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        Is that "something cafe" in the old Dash Kitchen spot? (north side)

        I also noticed that the size of the line appeared to be inversely proportional to how good the food was. I only ate at two places.

        1. re: Sagesse

          Yes, that's where the porchetta sandwiches were -- new place called Cafe Fiorentina in old Dash Kitchen space. Sparkling mint lemonade at same stand was also good.

          1. re: dalton48

            I am hoping for some rain, that makes it worth going because the crowds leave

            1. re: bbbradk

              Hi BBB - your wish is granted. It's a rainy Sunday - let's go to Danforth

              1. re: knusprig

                I was there, the rain really thinned the crowd.

                Best thibng down there was the roasted pineapple from the brazilian steakhouse at Broadview

                1. re: bbbradk

                  I'm sure there was better food than roasted pineapple.

            2. re: dalton48

              Yes that is right.

              If you have a calamari craving hit up Diners Thai near Danforth and Chester. It was kind of weird - a Thai place run by what appeared to be Sri Lankans serving calamari. That said, for $5 the biggest calamari portion that I've seen. Sauce was a little too thin to eat properly if you kept the calamari and sauce separate and it was a bit unwieldy but still tasty.

              Diners Thai
              395 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P1, CA