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Aug 6, 2011 07:55 AM

Where can I buy Korean rice wine (for cooking) in Virginia?

A cookbook calls for ch'ongju, a rice wine from Korea. They say you can substitute vermouth, but I'd like to find the real stuff.

Korean markets in Maryland say they can't sell ch'ongju because they can't sell wine.

Is this something available at any HMart in Virginia? Or are there liquor stores that might carry it?

At one point, I was also looking for a Shaoxing rice wine for Chinese dumplings. Again, Maryland markets only have heavily salted variations.


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  1. Yes, this is definitely something you can get at HMart. I usually get Kikkoman's Aji Mirin.

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      Thanks. Hmart (with a Virginia liquor license) did the trick, although the folks there steered me to a small bottle of rice wine.

      They said it was ch'ongju and good for cooking. It looks like the brand is ChungHa, and that matches up with a Wikipedia page that I found for cheongju (and that cites to same cookbook).