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Aug 6, 2011 07:49 AM

Food at The Trappist in Oakland

For my boyfriend's birthday, I'm designated driver and taking him to The Trappist and Beer Revolution. We're big on beer, obviously, so that's what the focus is, but we're foodies too! So I'm trying to decide if we should grab dinner elsewhere first. I've read on an earlier topic that The Trappist now has food, and it says so on their website, but I can't find a menu or any substantial descriptions or reviews of what's there. I'm fine with bar bites as long as they're tasty and worth the money.

The Trappist
460 8th Street, Oakland, CA

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  1. Good question. I think they do Tacos one night. But I have never eaten the food there.

    I would start there with a beer or two and roll over to Plum after

    1. When we last visited a few months ago, the food was pretty decent. Better-than-average bar grub.

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      1. re: shouzen

        Do you remember what you ate? Or what you saw other people eating? I keep hearing/reading that it's good, but I don't know what specifically people are eating.

      2. The Reuben-ish pressed sandwich was great. The meat platter's really good. I've seen stews and soups that looked excellent.

        1. The menu is very small which matches their kitchen perfectly. I think that there are 5 small plates and 5 larger plates.
          Smalls plates: Charcuterie, Cheese, Marinated Vegetables, Almonds and I don't remember the other may be a soup?.
          Large plates: Sausage with Saurkraut and Potatoes, Carbonade flamande, Corned Beef sandwich(I know it is on lunch but not sure about dinner) and a couple of interesting hearty Salads.
          The quality and preparation of food is very good, much better than most of the local pubs and IMO worth the money.

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          1. re: chefj

            Glad to know they have small plates and larger plates.

          2. I'm pretty much a regular there (so much so that I know many of the bartenders there on sight, and they know me...), and while their menu is far from extensive, it does fairly well for what it is. The pastrami sandwich is good, if not the overstuffed fresser-fest of your dreams, as is the grilled cheese (made with 3 different cheeses, I think?). These days, the stew is a chicken and barley, and it's quite tasty, if a bit bland. But yeah, on Tuesday evenings, they'll point you to their back door, where you can order up carnitas tacos and bean/cheese gorditas from their next-door neighbor, Tamarindo.

            468 8th St, Oakland, CA 94607

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            1. re: Spatlese

              Might you help me understand how something can be "...quite tasty, if a bit bland"?

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                It had good chicken flavor, and was decently hearty (a good thing, for soaking up some of the alcohol of those tripels and imperial stouts!), but for my personal tastes, I tend to look for the hot sauce bottle, just because that's what I tend to do at home. YMMV.

              2. re: Spatlese

                Thanks for your descriptions! Sounds like we will probably be getting food there instead of at a restaurant first. I'm sure the foods pair well with the beers too.