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Aug 6, 2011 07:06 AM

Any real Dim Sum in CNJ?

Any real Dim Sum in CNJ?

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  1. Wonder Seafood on Rt 27 in Edison, Sunny Palace on Rt 18 in East Brunswick, Crown Palace in Freehold/Marlboro.

    Crown Palace
    8 N Main St, Marlboro, NJ 07746

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    1. re: azkaevolution

      I wish these places would sell Dim Sum all the time not just 11-2pm on weekends.......

      this place has it all the time on the menu although it on Route 88, in Brick, NJ.....don't know how good it is....was there a long while back remember it wasn't too bad.

      1. re: Tapas52

        Wonder Seafood has it every day, and good lunch specials too.

          1. re: Tapas52

            We just had dim sum at Wonder Seafood last Sunday--it was excellent.

            1. re: albinoni

              albinoni thanx its on my list when Im in the area!