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Aug 6, 2011 05:55 AM

ISO of the unusual in the Westport-Norwalk area

A group of us will be spending a few days in southwestern CT.and would like to know if there are any restos with unusual and cheap-ish fare. By unusual, I mean not Italian, not standard Middle Eastern, not hamburg-joints, not General Chow's chicken (or any deep-fried) Chinese. White table cloths not expected.

By cheap-ish I mean around or less than $20-25 per person, excluding alchohol and tip.

Someone told me that there were some decent Latin American restos in the Westport area, Venezuelan in particular. Any more info on such options?

Example of the kind of place I seek are the Family Restaurant in Brookline, MA (good cheapish Turkish food) or Green St. Cafe in Northampton, MA (good locavore food, a bit pricier) or Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton, MA, pricier would be Lemeac and Alep in Montreal.

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  1. Try Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk - Venezuelan Beach food. Good anytime but particularly good brunch menu. There's also great non traditional Middle eastern at Safita in Southport, right on the Westport/Fairfield border.

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      Valencia Luncheria sounds like the place recommended to me.

      Any dishes to recommend on the bunch menu? Is the brunch served daily or just in weekends?

      How is Safita non-traditional?

      1. re: VivreManger

        Brunch is weekends only. They have their usual excellent choices (arepas, empanadas, stewed meats) plus breakfasty-things like stuffed French toast

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        Valencia is great, but it's BYO, so just don't forget to bring it! Also, they recently opened Bodega in Fairfield. Valencia is better, but Bodega serves drinks.

        1. re: Reggiano

          It was def Valencia, they are very popular. Safita is also an excellent suggestion. Are you looking for entrees under $25 or a full meal including dessert? BanC House and BJ Ryans in Norwalk (same owners) are very popular and very good. BanC house has great "gastropub" food, some interesting menu items, something in every price range and outdoor seating. This area is definitely lacking in the "unusual" department, IMO.

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            love them both, but they are completely different. Bodega is tasty but not sure I'd classify it as unusual. Actually, maybe the price they charge for such a small pour in their drinks can be considered unusual...

        2. Try Cafe D'Aur in Darien, CT. They are a Middle Eastern/French pretty place ( food better than Sarafita! ) With Many items in your price range.

          You Might want to try Barcelona or Ibiza as well.