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Aug 5, 2011 10:43 PM

Fresh Fish, Culver City/Mar Vista?

Is there a good place to buy fresh, quality seafood in Culver City?

I live near the border of Culver City and Mar Vista. I can get to Westchester easily, or Playa or Marina Del Rey

I want to buy some fresh mussels and maybe some red snapper and fresh, uncooked shrimp.

I'm tired of super market fish .... I can't always get what I need.

I know Santa Monica Seafood Company. Anything closer?


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  1. Both at the Culver City [Tuesday] and Mar Vista [Sunday] Farmers Markets, there are fish vendors.

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        I feel your pain. It is almost impossible to find good fresh fish in this area. The fish man at the Tuesday farmers market in Culver City is the best I've found. He's got great selection and he cuts and weighs the portions. Not cheep. But you get the best quality. Also, if you have the time, a trip down to the Redondo Pier is Quality sea food. Also a good source for fish and a great source for all kinds of live shellfish.