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Aug 5, 2011 09:55 PM

龍皇酒家 Dragon King Restaurant - how is this place?

While doing some random youtube surfing, came across yet another food show, hosted by famous chef Wong Wing Chi 黃永幟, who is one of those foodie legendary chefs credited for inventing XO sauce (that's a subject of debate at this point...) and the mango pomelo sago dessert 楊枝甘露.

So right now WWC is at 龍皇酒家 Dragon King Restaurant, and is the chairman of that corporation/conglomerate.

Was curious if anyone here ate that one of their restaurants, and more specifically, has anyone eaten Mr Wong's cooking?

On that note, are these HK celebrity chefs truly skilled and great at cooking, or are they now more like Anthony Bourdain, using their name and fame to promote, rather than doing any actual cooking at all? How about that guy 梁文韜? I suppose he's more of a host and business guy than a chef?

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  1. 龍皇酒家 is very similar in style to Lei Garden, maybe a tad less high class when compared to Lei Garden, I have not been there before though. I think you also know, Wong is the head chef of Lei Garden before.

    龍璽 restaurant (Seal of the Emperor ??) is the latest business venture of Wong Wing Chi, which located on the new building "ICC", 101 floor. Celebrity goes there. I think all these celebrity chef rarely cook nowaday, just like Anthony Bourdain. But I believe Wong is a master in cantonese cooking. I quite like this guy.

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      Yeah I think I read somewhere that Wong's time as Lei Gardens chef dated back to the 1980s (before his major rise to the very top of the food chain).

      One thing I like about those Wong hosted shows is the never ending passion for quality ingredients, even traveling haflway around the world for them (which end up getting cooked for his celebrity friends), whether it be fresh seafood from Vietnam (not the non eco friendly farmed mekong basa that gets exported to the US) or abalone and Pacific lobsters from Australia.

      I also like Ko Wing Sun's cooking/travel shows, quite educational and informative. His cooking must be excellent.