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Aug 5, 2011 08:33 PM

Ontario sour cherries

The Ontario sour cherry season is SO short. (It's usually the last week of July).

Did I miss it already? Has anybody seen the big 10 lb buckets of Ontario cherries in the stores yet?

On a related note, these Ontario cherry farmers have the worst marketing ever. Why don't they have a FB group to tell you when their product is avaialble? If the stores don't refrigerate the pails, you have a window of HOURS between the pails being put out in the stores and when you have to freeze them or bake/can the stuff.

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  1. They are done. I know this because I went to the Peterborough farmers market a few weeks ago looking for sour cherries and the usual vendor said they'd only had a couple of baskets and they were gone. He took my order for an 11 lb. pail of pitted cherries for the following week, though (a great deal at $20!). When I picked them up - two weeks ago I believe - he said that was the last week for sour cherries, period. He said it was a terrible year for them. Sweet cherries are still available, though. Not sure who carries these buckets, though. There may be a Niagara company that sells buckets of frozen fruit.

    1. Done (my 5kg=11# bucket was labeled "freeze by 27 July"), BUT try Cherry Lane on Victoria Av:

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        Dang! Now I will have to hoard what's left of last year's stash. Thanks for the update.