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Aug 5, 2011 07:30 PM

Going to Marbella

Hello Friends-

My husband are traveling to Marbella this September. We will be flying into Madrid and driving down. We will need a place to stop for lunch. Any places you reccomend that are a must?

We will be in Marbella for 6 nights. We are looking for some great restaurants. We eat anything, during our recent trips to Spain we have eaten at Arzac, Zuberoa and el bulli. All of the reccomendations do not need to be this fancy, as we also love the pinxos bars in San Sebastian. Any help would be greatly appreciated and we promise to report backl!!

Thank You!!

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  1. I am afraid Marbella is very very poor for food - if you are after good food I hope it isn't too late to change your plans.

    There will be a literally one or two places across the whole of the Costa Del Sol so nothing like BCN or SS, or for that matter the inland and or the Atlantic coast of Andalusia

    1. No, you don't go to Marbella for the food, but my husband and I were just there In late July and found two restaurants in Marbella that we liked quite a lot.

      One is Garum, right on the beach at Avenida Fontanilla. It's run by a wacky Finnish man named Timo and the service and ambiance are great and the food is very good. If you are a liver fan, have the pumpkin creme brulee and lamb's liver starter.

      The other is Bistro Paloma in the old town. The food is great and the staff is lovely. Say hi to Lorenz and Marlette when you go. They have a fabulous foie gras appetizer and the Iberian pork entree is great. Lots of shopping in that area too.

      Have a good time! Marbella is nice and relaxing, if not the most historically or architecturally interesting town in Andalucia. I hope you'll have time to travel around a bit--but even if not, at least you have 2 nice restaurants to try.

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        Thank you, I am really looking forward to the trip!