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Aug 5, 2011 06:08 PM

Scotch bonnet peppers


I plan on making Jamaican jerk chicken this weekend and need a source for scotch bonnet peppers in San Diego. I tried Specialty Produce but they don't have them in stock.
Any ideas?


Specialty Produce
1929 Hancock St, San Diego, CA

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  1. Habanero peppers are very close to Scotch Bonnets and are a decent substitution. You can also use chile manzana, or in a pinch, serranos in double the amount of Scotch Bonnet.

    The best selection of fresh chiles I've found is at Northgate market on 43rd, just off the 805. They've got both habanero and manzanas, just make sure the skin is smooth and wrinkle free. They've also got a lot of other different fresh chiles.

    Habaneros, manzanas and scotch bonnets all share the same incindiary qualities, but they also have some really nice fruity ones as well. Manzanas are kind of cool, they are the only chile with black seeds.

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      Thanks for the quick response, DiningDiva!
      I will use habaneros or manzanas if I can't find the scotch bonnets.

    2. as mentioned the northgate markets have them. Also North Park Produce typically has them.

      1. So funny. I was going to ask the same thing from CH. There used to be a place called African/Caribbean Food Market that used to carry them on El Cajon BLVD. Try there.

        1. Thanks everyone. I ended up going to North Park Produce. No scotch bonnets but they had plenty of habaneros in stock.

          1. I confirmed today for future that the African/Carrabean market has them fresh frozen at all times. I am going make jerk pork this weekend and pick some up.

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              Good to know. I am certain that I will make jerk chicken again soon since it was delicious, and I will make sure to go there next time for the scotch bonnets. Thanks!