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Aug 5, 2011 03:56 PM

Back To School Breakfasts

Hey Hounds!
This upcoming Monday I'm heading back to school for the year, (first year of high school! Wish me luck :D ) and I need breakfasts ideas. I'm making overnight cinnamon rolls for my first day, but that isn't very practical for the rest of the year. I'm looking for different foods that could be made ahead and freeze properly. This way I could pull it out the freezer, heat it up, and hit the door.

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Good luck in high school! My daughter is only 7 and is allergic to eggs so my input will be limited. I make pancakes or waffles on the weekend and freeze them for weekdays which works well. I also make a batch of homemade granola every few weeks. It only takes a few minutes to make and lasts for several days. We often sprinkle that on top of Greek yogurt. The pancakes are the most portable though.

    1. You could make mini quiche cups. Basically you make your egg mixuture with whatever fixings and pour into a non-stick cupcake or mini cupcake tin.
      They freeze well and reheat in a minute or two.

      1. Before I retired, I had to get up for work very early to be hungry for breakfast. On Sundays, I often made a batch of homemade breakfast burritos that were a better take on McD's version. I used rectangular whole wheat lavash wraps, and varied the cheese and the types of sausage and vegetables that went into the eggs, from one week to the next. Once they were assembled, I wrapped them tightly in Saran wrap and froze them. Before leaving the house, I'd nuke one, still wrapped in plastic, and take it along. It would have the correct equalized eating temperature about 10 minutes into my drive, and by peeling back the plastic, I could neatly eat it one-handed while driving, like a banana.

        ETA: This muffin recipe, which contains oatmeal, banana, coconut, pineapple, and nuts, was a finalist in the recent contest:

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          I never thought of a breakfast burrito! It would be so easy to switch things up from day to day.

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            I slightly undercook my scrambled eggs when I do breakfast burritos. This week I have some leftover Spanish chorizo that will go in them, along with potato and peppers of some sort. Have fun, be creative, and good for you for making yourself a healthy breakfast!!!

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              and if you're running even shorter on time, go for a breakfast quesadilla... you can do it in the microwave.. lay tortilla open faced with cheese, nuke for 30 secs or until cheese is gooey. let fold and rest 1 minute. can also add salsa, leftover shredded chicken or meat, onions, bacon, etc.

          2. One of my favorites is baked oatmeal - Filling, tasty, healthy, cheap, quick. I like to add dried cherries and walnuts or pecans :)

            1. This may sound too simple, but I would have ricotta on pumpernickel bread before school...spread jam over it, and finally top it with fresh raspberries. It looked like a pastry but was very healthy and filling.

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                Holy cow this sounds amazing! I can't eat breakfast but it would be a great mid afternoon snack!

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                  mmmm ricotta.... who needs the bread... ricotta is lovely mixed with a little sugar, dash of cinnamon and vanilla...