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smoked salmon vodka!?????what the???

this just sounds wrong.i was at the venders picking up some beer ,as i headed towards the cold room i past a bottle of smoked salmon vodka.Now dont get me wrong ,i love smoked salmon (have some curing for smoking in the fridge as i type)but vodka ?i just cant get my head around what use this would have.The vender i talked to said she sold two bottles and the results were none to favorable .

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  1. I have a fried who infuses pretty much anything he can find in vodka. Unsurprisingly, most a re failures.

    1. Seems like a logical next step after bacon vodka, which I have not personally tried but seems popular enough.

      1. Fish flavored vodka? In hockey parlance, let's pass this puck up to Passadumkeg and let him score on the breakaway :)

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          LOL! OK, I just love this, Veggo. ;-) I had an actual gag reflex when I read howlin's subject line in GT. That is just WRONG.

          My sister told me last night that visitors (the early 20s son of a friend of the family) to their cabin in Maine left them coffee Patron liqueur. She said she asked them "Why?" and their response was "Dunno - we got it and thought you might like it." Which means they got it, tried it, didn't like it, and left it for her to pour down the drain. One review I read online about it simply says "sh*t's nasty." 'Nuf said. ;-)

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            The Patron coffee liqueur is like Kahlua -- it is not supposed to be used like a tequila.

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              The state mixed drink of Maine is the Mudslide. The blue collar version: Allen's coffee Brandy and milk.

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            Hey! Oyster shooters? Why not smoked salmon vodka?? At least I'd get some Omega 3's while drankin'.Buffalo wing pizza w/ Ranch dressing sauce? I'd take the salmon vodka, just for the halibut Jack Danielshrough the barrel of a M-16, for the cordite buzz, in Nam makes salmon vodka loo delish

          3. The only possible use I can think of would be for a vodka cream sauce with smoked salmon. And that's a big stretch. Mostly, I just thought EW.

            That is a beverage destined for the stomachs of this year's fraternity pledges across the country.

            1. A friend was in Anchorage a couple weeks ago, and someone at the bar convinced her to try salmon infused vodka. Now, this friend can't eat fish, it just does not agree with her. They told her it didn't really have fish in it, just the flavor. It made her sick as a dog afterward, so she looked it up, and yeah, it does have the essence of the salmon in it.

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                Pssst, Di, never trust a man in a bar!

              2. OK. I'll be the donkey.

                I've never bought an infused vodka (tho I've used vodka to make my own limoncello and nocino) but smoked salmon and vodka sound like a great combo to me. What I'd do is sip some vodka with some *actual* smoked salmon but that sounds like a pretty good idea! Especially with some tomato juice and some Worcestershire. ;>

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                1. As a lover of a good bloody Caesar, I think it might be tasty mixed with tomato juice and hot sauce. If vodka and Clamato is fantastic, why not salmon vodka and tomato?

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                    I'm with you -- in a sauce or a drink, it could be really good.

                    Straight up, not so much.

                    Gran Marnier brought out a vanilla cordial last year -- it *sounded* good, but on its own it was cloying...but IN the dessert that was brought out, it was heavenly.

                    Same category.

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                      Are you talking Navan? I loved it. I didn't take more than a sip at a time but it was (and IS I bought the last bottles I could find when I heard they discontinued it) great in baking and flavoring ice cream and truffles.

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                        I can't remember the name, to be honest -- I sampled it in February at the Salon d'Agriculture in Paris (but it wasn't available last year)...so I'm apparently not the only one a little nonplused if they've pulled it already.

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                          Try Cuarenta y Tres/Licor 43. I've tried the Navan; can't compare to Licor 43.

                    2. I'm waiting for vodka-flavored vodka.....

                      1. Hard core: sardine or herring flavored vodka. Back in the USSR.

                        1. Sounds like a good main ingredient for a trendy new cocktail

                          Salmon Chanted Evening