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Aug 5, 2011 01:42 PM

B & B Ristorante

Howdy to all chowhounders

What is the scoop on B & B Ristorante? A group of six is coming next weekend and had planned on dining at B&B one evening, but the reviews on tripadvisor are pretty bad.

I had thought i understood that this is a quality place?

Any other ideas for italian in las vegas?


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    1. I've eaten at B&B 3 times in the last 2 years, twice this week actually and it has been excellent every time. However I have eaten every time at the bar, not at the table. From looking at the trip advisor reviews a lot of the negative reviews are based on service from waiters, portion sizes and some based on ignorance, for example one claimed there was nearly no ricotta to be found in the beet salad except a few shavings, if they had asked the wait staff instead of complaining online, maybe they could have learned what ricotta salata is. Scarpetta is excellent too, but there will probably just as many reviews online with the complaints about portion size and paying 26 dollars for spaghetti and tomato sauce.

      1. I always sit at the bar at B & B and order the Lambs Tongue and a glass of wine every time in town.

        1. Even on these boards there have been some negative reviews for B&B, but again almost all attached to the service, not the food. They have had quite a turnover in their staff through the years, and having to have enough quality servers for B&B, Carnevino and Otto under the same roof is a challenge that they have not solved yet.


          As a local, here is why some of us really appreciate what they do at B&B. While so many celebrity chef restaurants tend to play it safe in Las Vegas, they do not do that. They turn the menu over much more than their competitors, and there is a genuine sense of "season", something sorely lacking here. Some of the prime proteins may remain the same, but their presentations and sides change often (like their "Grilled Port Chop" now being served with grilled peaches, arugula and vin cotto, and the "Rabbit Porchetta" now with dandelion greens, as it should be in the summer time). Kudos to them for that, and it is why we will continue to go back. Here is what we would suggest for your group - take a particular look at the current menu before hand ( ), and see if it may appeal. You can see by the offerings that they are in full summer mode, so there is the opportunity to try some particular dishes that you may not see on a menu again.

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            Thanks QAW, that was helpful to me. In the same price range, do any other celeb-chef or upscale like Alize change menu or sides seasonally while keeping the menu edgy adventurous?

            4321 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

          2. B&B was good, but pricy and overrated. Had the mint love letters and thought they were average.

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              Well - for better or worse, we have switched reservations to scarpetta.

              I will post a review when we get back..!