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Aug 5, 2011 01:29 PM

Playa Del Rey - House Sitting

Is there good delivery, market, and breakfast spot in PDR?



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  1. Delivery in PDR? Hmm, I can't think of any. Breakfast at Cafe Milan can be decent. Gordon's Market is small but nice folks. I like The Shack and the new gastropub, Tripel gets pretty high marks here, but I haven't been. But that would be night time food, not breakfast. I'm still smitten by The Shack for a "Shack Burger" but if you are a health food person it will probably send you running down the street screaming.

    The Shack
    185 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

    Gordon's Market
    303 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

    Cafe Milan
    205 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

    333 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90293

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    1. re: Servorg

      My kids and I just indulged on Shack burgers for lunch.

      I got to wondering -- has anyone ever tried Outlaws across the street? It's sort of a steak and burger place with sandwiches and salads -- some Tex Mex, too.

      1. re: PaulF

        I have made a plan to get there 3 different times and somehow all 3 tries came to naught. There have been mixed reviews on it here over the years. I keep reading the burger is good, but have no empirical evidence to back up that assertion.

        1. re: PaulF

          Tried Outlaws a couple of years ago. Good, but standard, burger and fries. One of those places of which you don't have a specific complaint but you wouldn't necessarily get excited about . Nice folks, though, and we didnt have to wait for a table. The burger was definitely bigger and more substantial than the ones at the Shack and unlike the Shack, you can get a decent salad.

          1. re: Bruin2

            "The burger was definitely bigger and more substantial than the ones at the Shack and unlike the Shack, you can get a decent salad."

            Man, I can just barely put away a double Shack cheeseburger with hot link, so now I'm going to have to visit Outlaws with a powerful manly hunger on. And the Shack has 4 (count 'em!) 4 salads on their menu. If they added a 5th they'd lose their "Cardiologists Nightmare on Culver Blvd." (dis)approval rating. ;-D>

          2. re: PaulF

            i've tried outlaws.
            won't ever go back

            1. re: PaulF

              I have been to Outlaws a few times. It's a good, local place to take men that like meat. I literally chuckled when I read Westsidegal's comment on Outlaws - totally NOT her kind of place. But, the beer list is long, the prices are reasonable, the potatoes are hot and the ribs are tasty.

          3. Great delivery from India's Tandori Oven, Singapore Express, and Alejo's. Market - I like Bristol Farms in Westchester. Breakfast ...I second Cafe Milan, but really just go to Felicia's for coffee and the vibe. 26 Beach in MdR or North End Cafe in MB or good localish breakfast options.

            26 Beach
            3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

            Singapore Express
            4248 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Dl Rey, CA 90292

            Cafe Milan
            205 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

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            1. re: ElissaInPlaya

              Elissa, have you ever breakfasted at the Inn at Playa? If so what did you think (assuming they sell breakfast to non-guests - which I guess I shouldn't assume)?

              1. re: Servorg

                I was at the Inn at Playa not too long ago for the wine and cheese "happy hour" - the kitchen is really nice and the recipe book looks like lots of good things.

                1. re: Servorg

                  No, I never have. I guess I didn't know that they sold breakfast to non-guests. I will investigate and report back if they do.

                  1. re: ElissaInPlaya

                    Thanks, Elissa. I look forward to reading your report if you go. One other place I see, but have never been to, as I go cycling by on my rides is the Berri Cafe up on Pershing at Manchester. Anything worth going for there?

                    1. re: Servorg

                      No, Not really. Although the bar can make a martini and serve you coconut shrimp in a major pinch. I have hoped for years that perhaps it would become something great.

                      1. re: Servorg

                        thank goodness, beri will be no more.
                        i hear that the Hacienda people will be taking the space.. . .

                        1. re: westsidegal

                          Agree on Beri's demise. Hacienda as in "del rey" folks? Expansion or move? Curious.

                          1. re: cagey

                            dunno for sure because practically all the mexican food i consume these days is consumed at Marisco Chente's/Coni'Seafood on imperial in inglewood.

                            I'm hoping that the new place will offer good margaritas, because i can crawl home from there if need be. . . . .

                            1. re: westsidegal

                              I do know the owners and most of the waiters up at HDR, so maybe i'll pop in this weekend to ask. Would be nice to add another decent mexican place with good margaritas to the canyon there. Last one I recall was Acapulco's across the street in the late 80s.

                              1. re: cagey

                                Confirmed with staff of Hacienda Del Rey (Westchester) that the owners are aiming for late November opening of Hacienda Playa. I doubt it'll be that quick, but the balls rolling.

                                A welcome addition to the PDR neighborhood.

                                Hacienda Del Rey
                                8347 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

                    2. re: Servorg

                      I stayed at the Inn recently. I'm nearly positive you can't come in 'off the street' for breakfast, unfortunately, but it probably keeps the place a quiet and serene haven along a pretty busy stretch. It's not even served, just put out by the staff early. You also have to be buzzed-in by the staff to enter.

                      I'm in PdR a lot, always in the AM. Get bagels and breakfast food at Milan, but I like Tanner's coffee better - Mlian always tastes watered-down a bit. Like the banana bread at Tanner's. Bistro du Soleil across the street has more of a variety for breakfast than Milan, but it's more of a sit-down place. Supermarkets are everywhere, from Ralphs on Lincoln, Bristol Farms, etc. Don't know about delivery.

                    3. re: ElissaInPlaya

                      For what it's worth, we really like Tandoor A India for Indian food. It's just a neighborhood spot that we came across while driving around. It's been our main "Indian joint" for a while now. I really like the lamb, the shrimp vindaloo is good, the biryanis are good -- we like it a lot. Not sure if they deliver -- we'd be out of the delivery zone anyway.

                      It's across the street and across the street from Hank's Pizza. Looks interesting -- anyone been there?

                      1. re: PaulF

                        That's the right place Paul.... is the link. Don't know why I mis named it. Nice people, great food. My good friend from Hyperbaad says it's the best place north of Cerritos for homestyle (i.e. not so oily) Indian food.

                        1. re: ElissaInPlaya


                          Like I said, I happened on to it by accident and we've been regulars ever since. It's my favorite local Indian place since East India Grill was under its original ownership. (For the record, the original East India Grill owner -- Sumanth -- now drives the India Jones truck.)

                          I've been shy about recommending Tandoor A India because, well, I wasn't sure if others would dig it. Not sure why. But it's a really good spot, with really nice people, but a really lame parking lot.

                          I always street park.

                          For the record, I recommend the lamb, the naan is excellent, the dal, shrimp vindaloo, good samosas ... I needed someone else's rec to make mine.

                    4. i live in playa del rey.
                      delivery: the best delivery, imho, is the pizza from THE GOOD PIZZA. dunno if they deliver to all of playa, but they definitely deliver to my house.
                      i don't like any of the markets in playa and do my shopping elsewhere (gelsons in the marina and whole foods either the el segundo location or the venice location), but the best close-by market to playa is BRISTOL FARMS which is on lincoln near manchester in westchester.
                      none of the breakfast spots in playa appeal to me, for breakfast i'd go to the marina (26 beach opens at 10am) or to the little cafe in my gym which is located pretty far from playa (the spectrum at howard hughes), or if i'm really open to driving and jockeying for a parking spot and jockying for a table, i'd go to venice to Sauce on Hampton.

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                      1. re: westsidegal

                        I lived in PdR from 1972 to 1983, a good friend of mine owned The Shack, I'd work there for him for free. The place rocked, folks came from all over for a Shackburger. Rick would close at night, break out the Dominos, Coke, and we'd do lines and drink beer/wine, and rattle the Bones all night long. Ah youth!

                        1. re: drsmoke

                          The Shack still has good bar burgers and a nice, sports watching crowd.

                          On Tuesdays they have some deal where the burgers are discounted a couple of bucks or something like that.

                      2. i live in pdr.

                        delivery for general groceries: it is best to go through yummy (dot) com in playa vista. they are fast, fresh and well priced.
                        delivery for food (not mentioned above): fresh brothers in MDR delivers yummy pizza.
                        not too many good dining options in pdr. Cantalini's is shockingly good, despite its appearance.

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                        1. re: drsg1111

                          respectfully disagree with the recommendation of Cantalini's.
                          the only good thing they ever served me was Spumoni, and that was probably good because they didn't make it themselves.
                          they are on the same level as italy's little kitchen, another restaurant in the area with lousy food.

                        2. I also live in Playa too but generally I eat elsewhere since Venice/Culver City is like 10 minutes. Fresh Brothers I go to 2-3 times per month. They do deliver and I do like their pizza. I don't like the Bristol Farms on lincoln except for their deli and others I usually hit up the Whole Foods in Venice or El Segundo. There is an ok Farmer's market in Playa Vista on Saturdays but mostly geared towards prepared foods. Breakfast...hmm. I sometimes get a breakfast burrito at Cafe Milan.

                          Cafe Milan
                          205 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293