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Aug 5, 2011 01:11 PM

South East Asian grocer in Miami/F. Lauderdale?

I am coming in to Miami soon and desperately need to stock up on my south east asian ingredients. I've only been to the store near silver pond, which though pretty well-stocked unfortunately doesn't carry everything I need. Some of the things I'm looking for include satay mix, laksa paste, XO sauce, chili oil, various dried spices etc.
If there are good eating places close by, all the better!

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  1. Lucky's on Bird is a big Asian hangout, but for the Indonesian/Malaysian things, call Little Lotus. Their co-owner has an Indonesian market downtown.

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    1. re: taiga

      Thanks Taiga.
      Can you give me an idea of what Lucky's carries? I am all out of even basic-basic asian stuff, so the more places I can check out, the better.

      1. re: HaveSpoonWillCook

        They have mostly everything you need, including fresh Asian vegetables, nashi, durian in season, jackfruit, several kinds of rice, 20 kinds of nori, etc. It is a small supermarket.

    2. Foodtown in Davie and WPB is my usual response to questions like this. Maybe not as extensive stock as a big Asian market, but they do have a good selection and great prices. They also have aisles dedicated to other ethnic foods, and things are spread out over the store. It can be a bit of a hunt when it comes to foods in the freezer cases in particular.

      1. Oh great, thanks to you both!
        I don't mind having to hunt - I often find stuff I'd forgotten I was looking for this way :-)

        1. I've had good luck at Thai-An, a grocery store in Hollywood. I just googled it, but the map that it brings up doesn't seem to be correct (unless the place has moved). It's in a plaza on the southwest corner of the intersection of 441/SR7 and Hollywood Boulevard. There are actually two different Asian markets in that plaza, I believe.