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Aug 5, 2011 12:30 PM

2 inch lamb loin chops: how to grill

I have a bunch of 2 inch lamb loin chops. I'm going to put Ras El Hanout rub on them and cook them in a Weber kettle. These are thick, so I'm worried about how to do it. Does this sound right: sear over the coals 4 minutes on each side, then move off direct heat and cook by indirect heat for another 5 minutes? (For rare to medium rare.)

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  1. Your basic technique seems good, but the times seem a little long to me. Maybe I just have a hotter fire in mind that you do. I'd sear for a shorter time, and rely on feeling the meat to make sure it's not getting overdone.

    1. I was going to say the same thing, about the times being long, but upon reflection, two inch thick chops could well need 13 minutes or more, total.

      I guess it depends upon how much char you like on the outside, and if they've been sitting at room temp or straight from the fridge when they hit the grill. Me, I'm not so into the char so I might do a little less sear and more on the indirect time. If you haven't perfected the poke test to determine doneness, I'd definitely use an instant-read meat thermo inserted in the side, near but not touching the bone, to determine doneness, and whisk them straight off the grill the moment they hit 125F. They'll likely rise to 135F while they rest if the grill was pretty hot, which should give you a nice medium rare.

      1. I've cut double chops from racks and did them in the reverse order but either one works well. What I've done was to place the chops in a shallow pan after marinating and cook in a very low oven to an internal temp of around 95-100. Then finished briefly on a ripping hot fire to get a crust. The fat creates a lot of flare ups but that's okay since I want the char flavor and the fat to melt and get crusty. I pull them at around 125-130 max and let them rest. They have come out med/rare edge to edge with a good crust and grill flavor.

        1. Thank you! I did something like 3mins direct heat, flipped, 3 mins, then about 3 mins indirect. They came out rare -- I didn't stick a thermometer in, and they seemed fairly firm when I poked one. Delicious. One person out of the 9 there wanted it less rare. Very successful.