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Aug 5, 2011 12:26 PM

Food Shopping Help in Berlin... Emphasis on HELP!!

Yes, I have searched the boards. I would hate to be a repeat poster but I have found nothing.
I want fresh produce and meat. If brats, sausages, etc. that is fine, too, but they should be well-crafted, no nitrates, nasties, dextrose, nonsense, etc.
Also, bakeries, sweets and the like would be appreciated though I have a couple of names for those.
Will be located between Bernauer Str and Rosenthaler Platz U stops. Sorry if that makes no sense, I am worse than completely ignorant about Berlin. Close is nice but less necessary for me than most. Also, note if cheap or expensive but worth it. I am starting from zero knowledge save a bit from West Germany(not Munich).
Thanks in advance, I will keep searching around here and there and sorry if I completely missed a whole slew of info on these topics.

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  1. You should have any number of supermarkets around -- Kaiser's, Netto, Lidl, Aldi, etc. etc.

    There are organic stores such as LPG or Bio-Markt. Germany still actually has bakeries, butchers, and cheese shops that haven't been incorporated into huge supermarket chains, and they can be found on any corner.

    Where exactly between Bernauer & Rosenthaler are you? You could also try Schönhauser Arkaden (U2 Schönhauser Alllee), a mall-ish place with many stores and stands.

    Look out for so-called Neuland butchers - happy meat to the max. Not cheap by any means, but the regulations for organic meat actually mean something in Germany.

    You might also get lucky in the Gesundbrunnen area, perhaps closer to you.

    There's a weekly market on Arkonaplatz every Friday -- produce galore, a fantastic fish grill stand, fresh pasta, meat.... trust me, you won't starve '-)

    1. Have you walked around the Brunnenstrasse-Mitte area?

      A Bio-Company branch just opened on Brunnenstrasse, on the Rosenthalerplatz end, between KIM bar (Brunnenstr 10) and Antonia Goy boutique.

      I mostly get my groceries there, and the REWE Ackerhalle, and the Kollwitzplatz Thursday + Saturday markets. There's also a bio green grocer's further down Invalidenstrasse, corner of Ackerstrasse.

      1. Thanks for the info. So far, I have not been to any weekly markets but I am thoroughly unimpressed with the stores to be kind.
        Have been to Lidl, Kaiser, Rewe, a couple of bio chain stores,random independents and there is nothing great and nothing cheap which is the worst combination.
        Is Fleischerei Gottschlich considered a top butcher? I went there, too.
        Maybe some weekly markets will show me something.
        Side note, can I just walk into The Bird as a solo diner and eat at the bar or wherever?
        I might try it but do not care to make a res for 1 at a place like that. And since they use IBP
        for their supply, I do hope it is the top end of it though from the pics, I do not think so.
        Anywhere for good bread(German, dark, baguettes, anything), desserts? I wasted a lot of sugar calories on rubbish last weekend. I think what it takes to get a 'great' rating(x reference from multiple sites) is far below what I even consider good. And this is all not limited to Pberg. Tell me where it is, I will probably make the trek.

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        1. re: dietndesire

          So sorry the supermarkets aren't up to your personal standards. I've always liked Kaiser's, but cheap it is not. I guess we all have to make a compromise on either money or quality, eh?

          That said, you probably won't like any of the Biomärkte, cause they are bound to be even more expensive.

          Never heard of Fleischerei Gottschlich, but as I said, there are several Neuland butchers all over town & particularly in Prenzlauer Berg. I guess it all depends on what you are looking to buy.

          As for the Bird, you may be able to walk in and sit at the bar. I personally love their burgers, but yeah, coming from IBP, the cows certainly haven't been tickled to death, so YMMV. Also, they are 11 Euro and up, which also may not fit your budget.

          Werkstatt der Süße is one of my favorte patissiers, locaded on Husemannstr..... but it isn't cheap, of course.

          Good luck in your further endeavor finding something edible and affordable. Here's a thread that may have some info for ya:

          Maybe döners, currywurst, and the occasional falafel will tie you over until you return to a place with food options to your liking.

          1. re: linguafood

            I think you have me a bit wrong which I will take responsibility for.
            High prices, well, I have been paying much higher than Berlin has.
            Of course, the level of quality was also higher. So, do not think that I am upset because things are expensive. I know there are people like that. I am hardly one of them.
            I am just not seeing one of either high quality(forget HIGHEST quality) and I am seeing
            nothing that isn't overpriced for what it is, basically. I rather pay 40 for something that is a 9 than 30 for something that is a 6. And rather than the latter, rather pay 20 for something that is a 5. Basically, I am unsure if people are geographically biased as is so often the case.

            Fleischerie Gottschlich has a fair amount of exposure, I am surprised you do not know it.
            Went to the market on Maybashufer. Very typical market(I find them overrated in most cities around the world). You can have cheaper than the stores, quality might vary a bit. Price and quality not in lock step as usual.Not much in the way of the 'fancy' produce. I am going to try a couple of others later this week.
            I hope the offerings besides the produce are more interesting at the least. Even if not enough to get me to purchase, enough to make me look for more than 2 seconds.

            Will probably try the Bird at some point, especially, since it is not very far from me.
            15 EU for a burger does not make me bat an eyelash. If I do not find it to be very good, I will be sore about it afterwards.

            Will try Werkstatt this weekend(cannot eat cake every day, or at least I don't). Again, I do not care about cheap. I care about good or better, first. Then I will decide if it is too outrageous in price. I am guessing it will not top the 7EU I have been paying for some masterpieces of pastry.

            Currywurst and falafel are not happening. Doner I will do if I find one with actual meat. Some random threads around the net name(German threads) only a very few places that seem to do that. Will have to sort it through.

            1. re: dietndesire

              Yes, I suppose your phrasing was bound to be misunderstood. Perhaps if you had said that you are exclusively looking for top-notch ingredients AND are willing to pay the price, you would have gotten different recommendations.

              Look, if you are looking for the crème de la crème in all things food, say so. KaDeWe, Galleria Kaufhof, and Winterfeldmarkt are your go-to addresses for groceries, then. Also, please define "fancy produce", as I can't figure out what that might mean.... gold-plated parsnips? In any event, Winterfeldtmarkt or KaDeWe will perhaps match your standards.

              The Turkish market on Maybachufer is definitely not gourmet, but nobody on this board ever claimed it to be.

              Not sure why currywurst or falafel "aren't happening" (there are fantastic places for both, but I won't bore you with information on those since it's irrelevant for ya), but there are numerous threads on THIS board talking about a bunch of very tasty places.

              Best döner with "real" meat -- Imren on Boppstr.
              Great gyros at Berkis in Schöneberg, their souvlaki is also pretty awesome.

              Finally, I don't think you'll spend 15 Euro for even the most expensive burger at the Bird. Whether you'll like it.... well, who knows.

              1. re: linguafood

                I do not want the premier goods, only. But I would like to know where they are, of course. There is balance. It would be nice to also have 'good' items that are 'cheap' if not the cheapest lot you can find.
                'Fancy' produce, has a name attached to increase the price,'bio','local', whatever the case. And that would be fine for me except that so often it just is not very good. Too hit or miss if you do not know the supplier/seller/producer.
                Doubt anyone is going to top the 12EU/kg fruits from this summer.

                Will check out KaDeWe.
                Did not expect gourmet from the Turkish market.
                Actually, at least the non food stands seemed to have some items that weren't total rubbish like most 'farmers markets' in various cities. So, that was a plus, not that I was buying.

                Imren, mentioned and the some lads were speaking of some place on Rosenthalerplatz and one other. Why is 'real' in quotations? Shouldn't it be 'meat' when people are speaking of the pressed, processed crap that they call 'meat'?

                The Bird, who knows, indeed. I have gotten some truly great prime beef from IBP but it is inconsistent due to their sheer volume(and the fact that they do not really need to care at this point). And if they order choice, instead, that is trouble. Aged choice is such a waste.

            2. re: linguafood

              lingua, are there any other patissiers you'd recommend besides Werkstatt der Suesse?

              Sent a friend links to your "Best of Berlin" lists, as well as a rec to visit KaDeWe's food hall

              I wondered where else you might recommend for tortes and pastries in central Berlin.

              1. re: prima

                Opernpalais (Mitte)
                nibs cacao (Charlottenburg)
                atelier cacao (Mitte)
                Zuckerfee (Prenzlauer Berg)
                Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers (Mitte)

          2. The OP is probably long gone, but just for the record, I have lived for many years "between Rosenthaler Platz and Bernauer Strasse." This is my 'hood, otherwise known as the Rosenthaler Vorstadt. We do our basic shopping at the Kaiser's on Fürstenberger Strasse or in the Schönhauser Arkaden, which is indeed a mall, not "a mall-ish place." We get a lot of our fruit and vegetables at the large weekly market in Kollwitzplatz (very high quality) or at the Turkish fruit and veggie market on Kastanienallee. There's also top quality meat and fish at Kollwitzplatz. Occasionally we shop at Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz, especially for things like smoked salmon. We get excellent meat at the Fleischerei Mischke on Schönhauser Allee near Eberswalder Strasse U-Bahn station. We've gone a few times to the LPG at Kollwitz and Metzerstasse, but decided it wasn't worth the extra expense and hassle. As for bread, there are bakeries all over, but the one on Wolliner Strasse near Arkonaplatz is renowned well beyond this neighbourhood.