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Aug 5, 2011 12:23 PM

Chef Curtiss going to Fox Concept...

Anyone shocked by this?

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  1. I am, but then I have not been a fan of the Fox Concept restaurants, with the exception of The Green House. For most of the rest, I just scratch my head, regardless of what my trusted CH's recommend. For those, I just fail to "get it," but maybe that isme?

    To Chef Curtiss, I wish the best of luck. Your foie gras is # 2 and 3, in my all-time foie gras book!

    Cook well,


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      I second this particularly because he is going to another branch of an existing Fox restaraunt. I can't imagine that Chris will have the freedom to put his own stamp on the place, press articles notwithstanding. I sincerely hope I am wrong and that this is the restaraunt that changes my mind on the Fox Group.

      1. re: avandelay

        I have nothing against Fox Concept and also do enjoy some of his restaurants. We're a fan of NOCA and have chatted with Chef Curtiss through the kitchen on several occassions. I just got the sense he was more of a grassroot independent type of chef so yeah it was a bit of a surprise. From reading the AZCentral article we look forward to trying North and hopefully he'll continue to bring some of the amazing flavors and idea to the new outpost.

    2. Last I read, this was *not* the case, and my take on the report of the Fox rumor was just that it was, in fact, just a rumor.

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        1. re: scaheld

          Ah. Thanks.

          Without the link/citation, I read the top post as an allusion to the previously unconfirmed gossip.

      1. Not to be cynical, but any chance Chef Curtiss is just following the money? No crime in that. Besides which, a chef's life isn't exactly easy, and if he found a position that allowed him to be a more hands-off executive type chef provided with an already polished staff, maybe that suited him just fine. Plus he could save up for a place of his own now, which is the goal of many a great chef.

          1. re: scaheld

            What now seems clear is that Curtiss wanted out of Noca, and was ready to jump on the first thing to come his way. He probably shouldn't have mentioned the youth project until he had it nailed down, because then of course the Fox group snatched him up, likely with a lucrative and attractive offer. But it's not like he has an agent advising him what to say. How unfortunate Laura Hahnefeld seized the story line "What about the Children?" as her angle to the follow-up article. Just a cheap shot.

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