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Aug 5, 2011 11:47 AM

Recommendations Please

I will be visiting Las Vegas in August. I was hoping that I could get some dinner recommendations. The essential criteria I have are: (a) places with bar seating that a single person can walk up to without needing reservations, (b) places on the strip within walking distance of the Flamingo Road intersection, (c) places where I can get a decent 2-3 course meal (not including liquor) for about $100 or less; and (d) places where I don't require formal wear, though I certainly will have business-causal attire (e.g., a decent coat, collared shirt). The type of cuisine is unimportant.

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    1. You are in luck, because there are literally dozens of options within walking distance of the Flamingo intersection, and Las Vegas Strip restaurants are extremely user-friendly in terms of a solo diner at the bar (with so much convention traffic, they have to be). And $100 pre-liquor will also bring you some upper-end options. With that said, are there some particular preferences that could help to narrow it down? You do have a lot of terrific possibilities in play.

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        Hi QAW.

        Thanks for they reply. What I was looking for was a brief list of reccomnedations from a local or someone who knows the city well. The question I have is what would be your top 3 choices in the area, given the criteria I have stated.

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          2000fair's response, while not helpful to you, is correct. Your criteria are so broad you will not get a response. Within walking distance to Flamingo/LV Blvd is basically your only relevant criteria given your price range. This includes Aria, Cosmo, Mandarin, Caesars, Bellagio, etc., each of which have many "decent" spots - 40 or more in total.

          My advice - search the boards and come up with 4 or 5 that you think look promising and then ask for input on those.

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