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Aug 5, 2011 10:09 AM

Inspiring farmers market with stuff to do for kids?

I'm looking for a farmers market with exciting raw ingredients, good food and lots of samples, and a high element of entertainment as I'll have two kids (8 and 10) in tow.
I'm located in Weston, and am willing to wake up early and drive half an hour for the right market. I'm Hoping to be inspired by new and unusual ingredients, and the kids need samples and things going on to keep them happy.

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  1. How about The Girls Strawberry Patch located on Military just north of Atlantic Ave in Delray. It;s a hydroponic PYO but there are also a few animals around in large cages, last time I was there quite a few big bird species, donkeys and goats I think. It's quite pretty and the store is an old fashioned jams and jellies store with an ice cream parlor. You could bring a picnic and eat under one of the gazebos.
    I don't know what's in season there right now.

    Other suggestions include Bedners on 441 in Boynton, Sundays are family day with cart rides a cookout and a band.
    The Delray Market will reopen in October, it's a smallish street market but as season picks up it gets busier, a band, street food etc.

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      Thanks, this sounds like fun!
      I've been recommended Coconut Grove farmers market (Grand Ave.) as having clowns, face painters, musicians etc - does this market still exist, any thoughts?

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        I'd be really suprised if any SoFla Farmer's Markets were open now. And if they are, they are likely very very slow and quiet.

        About the only thing growing in this heat and humiidty is mold. Lots reopen around mid-October however.

        Farmer's Market Restaurant
        300 N Krome Ave, Florida City, FL 33034

    2. Bedner's is kicking off the fall season this weekend with a lot of stuff. Should be nice with some supposed lower hunmidity weather headed our way too.

      Date: Saturday, October 1, 2011
      Hay Rides- $2.00 per person, during the week runs on the hour, weekends runs continuosly. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday starting at 9:00 last ticket sold at 5:00. Sunday 10:00 last ticket sold at 4:00.

      Corn Maze- FREE!

      Haunted House- $5.00 per person. Monday & Wednesday 9:00 last ticket sold at 5:00. Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:00-9:00. Sunday 10:00-9:00.

      Pumpkin Patch- A variety of different sized pumpkins available.

      Every weekend: Live DJ, Face Painting, Over 30 Vendors, Home Made Ice Cream, Caramel Apples, Cheri's NY Top Dogs, Bob's Lemonade & Porky & Beth's BBQ!

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        If Bedner's doesn't satisfy the OP this weekend, I don't think any other place will.

        'Gots' to get me some of that Porky & Beth's bbq very soon.

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          The Delray Craft Fair is on this weekend on Atlantic Av, the usual vendors plus street food.