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Aug 5, 2011 05:43 AM

New Mexican in Englewood- La Maravillas de Tulcingo 3- anybody been?

We just found out about this place (address listed at 84 W. Palisade Ave.) and got a hold of the take-out menu. Looks promising, associated with a place in Passaic. Lots of dishes you don't often see around here (Pozole, Pipian, as well as drinks like Horchata) plus lots of other faves (many versions of Alambres).

I probably won't get there for a few weeks. My son starts camp next week and my wife doesn't want to risk him having any sort of 'gastrointestinal distress' beforehand- I guess she just showed her true colors as to what her opinion of the places I like to frequent are (LOL). Oh well...

Anyway, consider this a heads up if you haven't been, or if you have please post impressions.

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  1. "My son starts camp next week and my wife doesn't want to risk him having any sort of 'gastrointestinal distress' beforehand-"

    Who else but a mother would think like this? :)

    Sorry, haven't tried the place. I just had to comment though.

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    1. Haven't seen it or tried it, but looking forward to it now...will report back when I do go

      1. Allrighty...Mom-logic aside < :) >, we finally did get to check it out last night. Overall, I came away a very happy camper and will definitely be going back. If you enjoy Mexican food there will be plenty to enjoy about this new addition to the area.

        Just a short preface first- I typically find that, whether it is in Bergen, Rockland, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, etc., the food in these restaurants/taquerias/fondas is served undersalted, and it is true here as well. I doubt it is in my palate, so I just assume that that is just the way things are and go with it, personally.

        There are many positives to list-
        - the place is clean, bright and airy
        - refreshing fountain drinks, especially on a hot summer night, include tasty versions of jamaica and horchata
        - helpful and friendly staff
        - enormous menu
        - very reasonable prices

        As to the food that we had:
        - lengua is served my favorite way, finished on the flat top. This way it stays in its perfect condition (rather that being kept in a steamer too long) plus it gets nicely caramelized parts to it. The meat was impossibly tender and flavorful, and the tacos were filling.
        - about those tacos- the tortillas are indeed hand made. I am so used to seeing those factory ones from Brooklyn that I was very pleasantly surprised.
        - the green sauce, of the avocado/tomatillo/chile variety, was great.
        - my huarache was huge, practically the size of a plate, yet very light, with just the right amount of crispyness at the edges. I topped it with pork and a red sauce which had a good amount of zippy heat to it.
        - there's no pretense on those alambres, either, just straight-up artery-clogging goodness.

        I didn't enjoy the pipian verde, unfortunately. The texture was spot-on, quite rich actually, and didn't separate at all (a quality I have found impossible to get at home), but it just needed some 'zing'. Even adding salt didn't really help. Plus, I have found that all of those pumpkin seeds tend to bring along a lot of astringency with them which helps when balanced with an acid. That wasn't the case here, the astringency was just too much. I'm glad I tried it, but my search continues for what I consider a great version of a very difficult dish to prepare. This one goes into the 'don't recommend' file, but honestly there seems to be so much to get at this place that there are bound to be a few clunkers.

        1. I think we were on PARALLEL wavelengths yesterday, as my dude and I tried the restaurant yesterday as well (it was part of our explore Englewood day: hit theFarmers market, then walk over to the restaurant)...
          I, like Tongo, was quite impressed with the place....Very clean, well lit, and with a family atmosphere...I'm used to the likes of Mi Pueblo in Bergenfield for authentic Mexican, but would prefer taking newcomers to REAL mexican food to this place (not to mention that I think Mi Pueblo has gone downhill in a major way since 2007, but I digress....)

          First impressions:
          I was immediately wowed by the fact that the menu goes beyond "la favourites" and really gets into so regional antojitos that I"m so fond of....namely:
          1. huaraches- large, bean stuffed masa topped with sauce, protein, crema & cheese
          -My dude had this one...masa was good, but pork was just "meh"...I'd try it again, though with another protien
          2. Tlacoyos - I had to look this one up on my Iphone...Kinda like a bean stuffed Huarache, but smaller (2 per order) and tastier with green & red sauces + steak..
          -I ordered this one and am in love...will be trying the kind with chicharone next time

          He had Agua de Jamica (Hibiscus Juice?) and I had Horchata...both were fresh made and perfect...

          Can't wait to try other things on the menu (authentic Gorditas????) and will certainly be back to sample their tamales.

          Thanks for the headsup on this one, Tongo...Looks like Bergen County FINALLy has got good mexican and on the books.

          Here's the Website:

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          1. re: sixelagogo

            You are entirely welcome, and thanks for the report.

            Parallel wavelengths, for sure! Amazing that we were both drawn pretty much to the same items (and yup, the jamaica is hibiscus tea or juice or whatever you want to call it). I was also thinking about getting the tamales next time as well- the hand made tortillas gave me a good feeling about getting the tamales.

            That part of town also had a really great vibe on a Friday night as well.

            I am truly jazzed about going back there soon- so far it seems to be head and shoulders above what we had in this county, that's for sure!