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Aug 5, 2011 05:40 AM

Northwest Indiana restaurants

quantity over quality is the norm in this area, loads of bad, cheap quality Greek joints and fast food places. When the local newspapers rate Jimmy Johns and Subway as the best places for a sandwich you know your in trouble. Thank goodness that we are close to Chicago and the suburbs and that a few of us are smart enough to take the time and energy to go outside of this area and get a good meal.

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  1. There is a HUGE discussion of restaurants in Northwest Indiana at It goes back a few years so some of the recommended places may have closed, and there may be others not mentioned there because they have opened since then. Why not help out by updating that topic with tips about the places in the area that ARE good? (And yes, they do exist.)

    1. You know, between this topic and this one:

      one might get the idea you're a recent transplant to Crown Point and haven't bothered to explore. But I digress. I suggest you look at the topic in nsxtasy's post...much of the information is still valid. In addition, here's five restaurants in your area that "a few of us are smart enough" to visit on occasion:

      Lucrezia (Crown Point):
      Pikk's (Valparaiso):
      Don Quixote (Valparaiso): http://donquijoterestaurantandimports...
      Marti's Place (Hebron):
      Gamba (Merrillville):

      There are several places in Munster I'd recommend as well (eg, Cafe Borgia, Mishkenut, Three Floyds), but my guess is that if you're going to drive as far as Munster, you'll keep driving to Chicago.

      Three notes: I don't know whether Marti's Place has re-opened since the springtime flooding. I have never been to the Crown Point location of Lucrezia, only their Chesterton location. And Pikk's is part of the DaVinci Group which includes the Chicago restaurants Adobo Grill and Vinci, and its owner (Paul LoDuca) is a NWI native whose family has owned a restuarant in Munster (Giovanni's) for 50 years.

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        I realize that I'm totally in the wrong board area here, but would you happen to know of any recommendable spots in or within a 30 minute drive of Kentland, IN? I have to make a sudden trip out there this weekend and would appreciate any into you can share with me. I've done some research and come up completely empty handed. Many thanks!