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Aug 5, 2011 05:17 AM

What's For Dinner - we made it to Part 100! [Old]

OR, as mariacarmen said in the last thread - the WTF thread! ;-)

I cannot recall when these threads started (and unfortunately, so many early ones have been removed), but we've made it to "What's on your dinner table, Part 100!" Woo hoo! ;-)

There have been lots of wonderful meals shared amongst friends and families (both real and our Chowhound families!), and I'm sure there will be lots more as these WFD threads continue.

So - what's cooking this gorgeous (at least in New England!) summertime day? (ETA: And I hope those of you in the blast furnace of the south and southwest get a break from the heat very soon!)

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  1. As for me, a friend and her husband have always made Friday "Steak Night" (although she doesn't eat it as much as he does). And driving home last night, I thought "Hmm, tomorrow's Friday - it's Steak Night!" LOL

    So I took some garlic and cheese sirloin tips out of the freezer, and they'll be grilled on the grill pan tonight and finished in the oven to medium-rare. A baked potato alongside, and a "romaine salad" - just some leaves drizzled with homemade Thousand Island dressing.

    1. Tonight will be try-tip on the grill, probably served with beans, tortillas and various other fixings that will turn it into steak burritos.

      1. I haven't been in the previous threads but have scanned some, always nice ideas. :)

        I work long shifts every weekend, so Fridays are my Sundays, I cook most of day so hubby can eat well all weekend. So Friday dinners tend to be our nice meal together. :)

        Simple mixed sprout salad w/vinaigrette (home sprouted)
        Creamy parsnip gazpacho
        Roasted asparagus
        Chicken/salsa/corn stew from the solar oven (108 degrees planned for TX today. Again.)

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        1. re: DuchessNukem

          Oh, DN, I've got a friend who lives in northern TX, and she's about ready to melt. I cannot even imagine. You've got to get a break SOON! (I'm going to amend my OP to note gorgeous "New England" summer day!)

          The solar oven sounds like a good way to at least use that blast furnace.

          1. re: DuchessNukem

            How clever of you to use a solar oven! And the stew sounds yummy!

          2. Hi all.. been reading the WFD threads for a long time, figured that # 100 was a good place to start posting my dinners!

            Yesterday was an easy dinner of cumin roasted potatoes, served with a cool avocado / basil/ mayo/ yoghurt dip. A cherry tomato & parmesan frittata, and a salad of baby leaves dressed with a beautifully sweet and syrupy fig vinegar.

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            1. re: Klary

              OMG, the fig vinegar sounds like a wonderful dressing for salad - thanks for the idea! I've had a bottle for *so* long and tend to just drizzled it over fresh fruit. Thanks for the idea - and welcome to the WFD thread! :-)

              1. re: LindaWhit

                thanks for the welcome :)
                it's actually fig & date vinegar, and it's great for salads because you don't need any oil.

              2. re: Klary

                Welcome, Klary! :)

                I like the sound of those potatoes...

              3. Happy Centennial, WFD! and look at the fine new newbies our 100th posting attracted! Welcome!

                No cooking for me - bday celebrations are abounding. I'm thinking I'll be back in the kitchen by sunday. and those cumin roasted potatoes WITH a fig vinaigrette sound like something i'm going to try! Happy Friday all!