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Aug 4, 2011 07:46 PM

La Villa Delicatessen, San Jose - sandwiches, ravioli, sfogliatelle, bbq - best deli in the South Bay

I read the current issue of the Silicon Valley Metro Aug 3-9, 2011 and it mentions La Villa Delicatessen. I haven't read much about it recently so starting a new thread.

Top 5 secrets of La Villa, they say one of the best delis in the South Bay:
1. The Chris Combo - not on the menu. At least 4 kinds of meat, lots of different cheese.

2. The Death Sandwich - another not on the menu. Lots of meatballs on garlic cheese bread, sauce, & another quarter loaf, weighs in at 2 lbs!

3. La Villa BBQ - Only on Sat, sometimes Tues. A Tues lunch plate bbq chicken or ribs, w/ raviolis & potato, macaroni or three-bean salad.

4. You might see Sports Stars like Sharks players

5. Avocado & Shrimp Salad - served only when avocados are in season.

When I looked at the website, it mentions now carrying Sfogliatelle imported from Italy $1.5 small; $2.99 Lg


What are 'hounds favorites?

La Villa Delicatessen
1319 Lincoln Ave, SJ
Closed: Sun & Mon
Tu-W 9:30-6:30
Th-F 9:30-7
Sat 9:30-6

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  1. Love La Villa - had lunch there yesterday! Favorites are the beef ravioli, sandwiches (they slice the meat fresh when they make them) and macaroni salad. The BBQ chicken is pretty juicy and good. That meatball sandwich sounds so good! One of these days I am going to try it. I love all the variety of things in the hot counter, but usually stick with what I know I like.

    1. I <3 La Villa! Everything is delicious but my absolute favorite lunch for 2 is: Italian Samwich with provolone and all the fixins, a pint of cheese raviolis with parmesan cheese, 2 amaretto cookies, and if we're splurging, a 1/2 pint of octopus salad! They cook the cheese ravioli's to order. They are OH SO FLUFFY!

      They also have all the various specialty deli meats that they will slice to order for your charcuterie plates.