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Prime Dry Aged Beef In Fairfield County?

Anyone know a butcher who sells prime dry aged beef near Stamford?

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    1. And Stew Leonard's in Danbury.

      But also, check out Milillo Farms on Bailey Avenue in Ridgefield. Although Stew's in Danbury may have more selections, the quality at Milillo's is outstanding. You can also special order at Milillo's. Once you visit Millilo's you'll instantly know it's a hidden gem.

      Another independent store that often has prime beef - Ancona's Market in Ridgefield. Excellent customer service there, and pick up some of their fried chicken at their deli counter for a quick snack.

      EDIT: I just realized you asked for "dry aged" and I don't know about that.

      1. I think Fairway sells dry aged prime

        1. Fairway in Stamford has dry aged prime. As does Greenwich Prime Meats in Greenwich.

          Stews does NOT carry dry aged. Until Fairway came a long most of their beef was ungraded, not even choice.

          Greenwich Prime Meats
          100 Bruce Park Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

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            I bought it there, not in the last 6 months,but they had it.

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              TGS, that really is surprising. I have shopped Stews for years and never seen dry aged. I can't imagine it fits into the profile of their customer. So If I were the OP, I'd call before I ventured up there. Or just go over to, Fairway in Stamford since it's "nearer", as is Greenwich Prime. The bone in aged Rib Eye at both is phenomenal.

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                Greenwich Prime meats are the former Manero's guys; they know their stuff and the steaks I've gotten from them have always been awesome, but they're not cheap.

                By the way, for those who remember the old Manero's meat shop days, the GPM guys do have a kitchen at their new location, and they still crank out a killer cheeseburger or steak wedge. (and their steak wedge is an actual steak on a wedge, not thinly sliced meat) Don't forget the fried onions and steak sauce!

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                  Isn't the dry aged meat at the special corner right after dairy??

            2. Florence Prime Meats.
              If your up for a trip to NYC this butcher shop is great.


              1. In addition to Fairway in Stamford, both Palmer's and Whole Foods in Darien have it

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                    Thanks for the responses. I didn't know I had so many choices. Whole Foods carries choice not prime. I was surprised. I'm looking forward to the new butcher shop in New Canaan.

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                      They dry age Choice??? That seems like a waste. I have to double check, I just assumed that if they were going to go thru the effort of aging, and putting it in a display case that it would be Prime.

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                        Atlantic meat market on wall street in Norwalk ages there own prime rib eye and NY strips and will cut it to any thickness you like. Awesome

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                          I was very surprised about this. They lead you to believe it's prime. These days you have to read very carefully. I enjoy Capital Grille, but they also use aged choice for their streaks.

                          Capital Grille
                          230 Tresser Boulevard, Stamford, CT 06901

                  2. I was in Milillo Farms in Ridgefield briefly yesterday and they had a sign up about Sterling Silver Prime Rib Roasts... Don't know anything about that product... Just passing it on...

                    1. Fresh Market in Westport has a large banner in their window that says' "Prime Aged Beef" .

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                          Costco has prime, but not dry aged...no way.

                        2. If you're looking for nothing but the finest, the only place to go is Ridgefield Prime! Offer premier selection of meats and seafood in the Fairfield Country area.

                          1. I recently discovered Ridgefield Prime in Ridgefield, CT. This is a real butcher shop w/butchers who know their products and love to talk about meat. I ordered two Prime Bone In Rib Eye steaks. Butcher asked if I wanted Prime Dry Aged - cost a bit more but totally AMAZING steaks!!!

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                                Copps Hill Plaza behind behind Village Pizza and Carvel. Lots of gourmet finds in the square!

                            1. I don’t know how everyone claims to have Dry Aged Prime Beef since it only represents about 2% of all cattle raised in the U.S.

                              My favorite place is Ridgefield Prime. They have the real thing. Their head butcher has shown me the USDA Prime seal when I asked him to prove its prime grade. Other places are all talk, no proof of USDA Prime. He also showed me a bunch of rib steaks being dry aged. It’s the real deal. Real old school butchers that love to talk about meat and cooking. Their steak is the same thing you get at NYC places like The Palm and Peter Lugers, but at about half the price.

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                                If all you are getting is a piece of raw meat it had better be no more than half the price of a cooked meal served to you at a NYC restaurant.

                                While both fruit, you are comparing apples and oranges.

                              2. Stew Leonards usually has prime strip steaks at the Newington location that are delicious but not dry aged. Whole Foods has dry aged steaks but they are definitely not prime. The strips in their case in Glastonbury were barely marbled.

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                                  I've heard really good reports about Ridgefield Prime and Craft Butchery in Westport but haven't tried either yet. I've bought from The Tuscan in New Canaan and it was very good. If you want to try truly amazing steaks but they are VERY EXPENSIVE try Flannery steaks. They are by far the best I've ever had. Better then you get from a restaurant!


                                2. All matters regarding beef should be placed before Steve Ford, butcher extraordinaire. Reach him for direction at his store: butchersbestmarket.com or directly 203-364-0013

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                                    Newtown is nowhere near Stamford as requested

                                    Butchersbest.com makes no claim to sell dry aged PRIME beef

                                    I have been there with a neighbor and was NOT impressed with the meat or personnel.

                                    That stretch of RT 25 in Newtown recently had one new failed butcher (The Meat House, who sold dry aged prime beef) and from the looks of butchersbest website, Steve doesn't instill confidence:
                                    http://butchersbestmarket.com/retail-... all gobbleygook

                                    and since he is pushing his award winning homemade pork sausages, why would all matters regarding BEEF be placed before Steve?

                                    Yes, I'm being harsh, but for you to make a blanket pronouncement that Steve Ford is the butcher extraordinaire and final arbiter about beef is a bit much.

                                    This doesn't mean Steve runs a bad shop, but no one has crowned him king of beef.

                                    1. re: bnkeeney1

                                      Agreed, Steve Ford is very knowledgeable, his new store is awesome and the staff are very professional! The website will be improved in time and he recognizes that. For now I think Steve's primary focus is on his new startup.

                                      Don't ya just love lawyers that have to present themselves as such! Who cares!

                                    2. Craft Butchery is the best in Westport, CT.

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                                      1. re: temilove

                                        Craft is very good and has dry aged beef available, but nowhere on their website do they claim to sell 'PRIME' beef

                                        1. re: bagelman01

                                          You seem to be the expert of prime. Have you met Phil at Ridgefield Prime?

                                          1. re: dcmatz34

                                            No, I am not the expert of Prime, BUT I pay careful attention to what an OP posts and detest wasting time when other post names of establishments that either are not located where the OP requests or don't have the requested product. It wastes my tome.

                                            If someone wants top post about and tout the quality of a particular butcher, than start a new topic, don't waste the time of those following this thread.

                                            Newtown is NOt near Stamford. Craft doesn't advertise prime.
                                            I have no opinion about Phil in Ridgefield.
                                            I generally buy an animal and have it slaughtered and then I make the subprimal cuts myself.

                                            1. re: bagelman01

                                              Saugatuck Craft Butchery doesn't advertise Prime because their beef is not graded as they get their meat from small local farms. That being said, all of the beef I have bought there was of Prime quality and they do their own aging. You can see the marbling in their meat in the case.

                                              If you are insisting on aged Prime beef then go to Fairway in Stamford.

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                                                As an additional note, Fairway has been running some nice sales lately on prime meats. Mostly the unaged stuff (like prime boneless NY strips at $9.99, which are excellent), and different items each week as a loss leaded (also, choice strips at $6.99). A couple weeks ago, for the first time I saw and bought 21-day-dry-aged shell steaks at $12.99 (usually around $25/lb) Excellent.

                                                Never know what you are going to find, but always great quality.

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                                                  I'm NOT insisting on anything.
                                                  My desire is that CHers stick to the OP's request and start new threads instead of going off topic.

                                                  Since Craft doesn't sell PRIME graded beef, then it is NOT an appropriate suggestion for an OP specifically requesting PRIME.

                                                  A new thread about Craft and your likes/dislikes about their local beef is appropriate.

                                                  BTW> I think you mean that the beef sold at Craft is NOT USDA graded. I would think the farmer/slaughterer or butcher do have a grading system. If beef didn't meet Craft's minimum standards, I assume it would not be sold there.

                                                  1. re: bagelman01

                                                    I would have thought the reason for asking about PRIME beef is that you were looking for the best meat you could find in the area. If Saugatuck Craft Butchery has meat as good as PRIME, one would think that would be a good suggestion.

                                                    1. re: mitchells1

                                                      AGAIN, I am NOT looking for anything. I am NOT the OP. The OP specifically asked for Dry aged PRIME beef near Stamford.

                                                      BTW>>>>'as good as' or 'equivalent' are substitutions that can lead to problems.
                                                      I am an attorney. Don't even ask how many contract cases arise when the supplier provides a substitute claiming it's as good as or equivalent.
                                                      If I specify Brand X, Model ABC and you supply Brand Y, Model DEF, you may claim it's as good as, but you have breached the contract.

                                                      When it comes to 'Prime' the USDA sets the standards. An individual butcher who does not sell beef that is USDA graded can only make a subjective claim that his beef is as good as, but he can't sell or deliver the beef as prime.

                                                      This is in no way casting any negativity on Craft. He makes no claims of selling Prime on his website. I've never shopped there, and have never heard a negative comment about his operation.

                                        2. I know I have posted on this thread previously, but ran into something today worth sharing.

                                          We were in Caraluzzi's in Newtown (but they have a branch in Georgetown for downcounty hounds). The service meat cases had loads of prime beef.

                                          On special were dry aged Prime porterhouse steaks at only $14.99 lb. They looked magnificent. My secretary bought 6 and is planning on serving them Sat nite. I'll report back.

                                          1. I was told by a Butcher friend today that Styles Market in Westport, Ct. sells Prime meats. I haven't been, but this is what I was just told. This is next to Carvel, across from Arbys.

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                                              Stiles is a great little market- very complete for its size .There is an excellent independent seafood market, good meat(they always have grass fed, but I have not seen dry aged), deli and really good prepared foods, produce, a small selection of quality frozen items and decent breads and bagels.