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Aug 4, 2011 07:05 PM

BCN August---are we going to starve?!?!?

For complicated reasons, we are going to Barcelona August 21-25. Being a good 'Hound, I was online months ago to get a reservations at Tickets--only to discover it is closed for two weeks in August. As is Cal Pep. Quimet y Quimet is closed the entire month. Every recommendation we have gotten is for somewhere that is closed in August.

Help!!!! We have 4 nights--Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I imagine us doing one upscale, "creative Catalan"--it was going to be Cal Pep, only not. Where might be open in August that is worth going to? I imagine the other nights will be more tapas based---need recs for that. We're staying L'Eixample, but we'll go anywhere for good food and a place that doesn't close for August!

We land early enough Sunday that I imagine we'll head to Barceloneta for a late lunch---recs for that? Again, open in August?

I am so upset---we are mainly going to Barcelona to eat, and even though I know we'll go back, I feel like our experience is going to be really negative with everything closed!!

HELP, 'Hounds!

Thanks in Advance.

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  1. No one starves in Barcelona in August. Plenty of places open.

    If you are looking for 'creative Catalan', Cal Pep is not it. Although it is not inexpensive, I would not call it 'upscale'. It is straight forward Catalan cooking in festive counter seating atmosphere.

    If one equates 'creative' with modern Catalan cooking, I would try places like Cinc Sentits, Alkimia, Hisop, Comerc24, etc. All are clos ed part of August but chances are good that they will be open by the last week or so. Call to find out their dates any interests you. There have been lots of previous post on all of them. Search this board if you like to know more. Or if there is some specifics, some poster might give more info.

    What is open on Sunday midday/Augustare the places in Barceloneta that serve seafood and arroz. It is where local familes go for the big Sunday midday meal; a lively fun area for Sunday.

    Sunday night, hit the tapas places in the Eixample such as PacoMeralgo, Cerverseria Catalana, La Bodegueta or Cuidad Comtal.

    One evening I would go down to El Born for tapas/pintxos hopping on c/Argenteria, Placa Santa Maria and c/Montado. Most will be open in August.

    For tradition sit down meal, try PLA or or the more expensive Fonda Gaig.

    1. Don't be upset. Barcelona is a city with many good eateries, some of which will be closed. Don't dwell on those. You are only there for 4 days, not 40. That's 4 major meals plus 4 light meals. PBSF has given you enough recommendations for a whole week at least. Take a deep breath and look forward to having a great time.