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Aug 4, 2011 06:54 PM

Rec for scallops

I am looking for the best scallop dish for a father/daughter dinner. My daughter loves the scallops, so looking for the best. thx

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  1. the scallop at lemeac are very good. i order it on almost every visit and in between I cannot stop thinking about it

    1. I have had great scallops at La Chronique, Raza and Le Club Chasse et Pêche.

      Unfortunately not on the current de Canck menu, Navarrete may or may not have them depending on what his week's menu is (if it is, it could be cooked or as tiradito). CCeP currently offers them as ceviche.

      1. I loved the ones at La Montee de Lait

        1. Le Hangar is no destination restaurant, but their scallop dish is rather good and the rest of the menu isn't so bad either.

          Le Hangar
          1011 Rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H3C 1V3, CA

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          1. re: SnackHappy

            Wow, Le Hangar was awesome! Great scallops, as was the veal chop, tuna tartare & octopus. Yummm!

            Le Hangar
            1011 Rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H3C 1V3, CA

            1. re: remdog99

              I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had the veal chop and was very pleased with it. The tuna tartare didn't really do it for me. It was more of a ceviche than a tartare, and that's not what I was expecting. I also liked the octopus. but thought the portion was much too small for the price. Most other portions were quite generous.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                I found the octopus very good, except a few bites were oversalted. Compared to octopus i've had elsewhere, i found it a good sized portion for the price. Overall I found the bill was lower than it would be many other places for similar quality. I am assuming their somewhat obscure location allows them to keep the overhead that much lower.

          2. the pulled pork topped scallops at liverpool house/joe beef are heavenly