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Aug 4, 2011 06:16 PM

Mustard Greens in NOVA

I want to make real punjabi saag and am looking for mustard greens. Not collard greens mind you, mustard greens. Any ideas for places in NOVA?

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  1. Great Wall has them (Gai Choy).

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    1. re: dpan

      Thanks--I'll look into it. I was hoping for locally grown ones b/c they are usually more tender.

      1. re: Lifefeast

        In light of that, check your farmers market. A vendor at mine always has a huge selection of greens.

        1. re: odkaty

          Yes I should check. My local one (Alexandria) doesn't but the Dupont one might. Thanks.

    2. Check Safeway and Giant. My local (MD) stores normally have mustard greens.