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Interesting popcorn toppings

I'm looking for some interesting toppings for popcorn to serve at a party. I love to make popcorn with brown butter, minced fresh rosemary, salt, and Parmesan. Yum.

I'd love some more ideas.

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  1. Here are some suggestions:
    -Sugar and cinnamon
    -Ranch : the bag of dry ranch seasoning
    -apple pie spice
    -melted white chocolate chips drizzled over hot buttered and salted popcorn
    -garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and chili powder

    Hope this helps.

    1. I second ranch. It's great.

      There's a grill spice blend available at most grocery stores called "kickn chicken" or something to that effect, and it's AWESOME on popcorn.

      I also like to melt a glob of nutella with some butter and pour it over popcorn for a sweet option.

      Have you ever added nutritional yeast (available in the bulk foods section of Kroger or Fred Meyer or any health food store) to the top> Adds a nutty quality that is magnificent.

      1. CHOW has a number of flavoring options; click on the recipes link at top of page, type popcorn into search and lots of ideas "pop" up. Bacon-cheddar, curry-coconut or cocoa-cayenne popcorn, anyone?
        How about Frenchified popcorn, fresh garlic, herbs de Provence and celery salt?

        1. drizzled with reduced balsamic vinegar and freshly ground black pepper

          cumin, coriander, garam masala, dash of chile or cayenne, butter

          diced roasted shallots, roasted garlic, olive oil, and fennel seeds

          cocoa powder, cinnamon, espresso powder

          search the board... there was another good thread a while back.

          1. I love the combo of black truffle oil, microplane-grated extra sharp white cheddar, and freshly ground black pepper. Shamelessly copied the folks over at 479 Popcorn for the truffle/cheddar idea.


            1. I've always been a huge fan of nutritional yeast. I like it better than anything else. It works well with butter. You have to get the right kind though--yellow and flaky, not brown and gritty.

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                I'm not generally a nutritional yeast person, but with butter and salt on popcorn, it's heaven!

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                  huh, that makes me wonder if miso-flavored popcorn would be super tasty... :)

                2. I like cajun seasoning mixed with just a hint of white sugar and seasoning salt. It's sweet, salty, savoury and Spicy!

                  1. A friend of mine eats it with soy sauce and parmesan, which is quite tasty. I like pepper salt, a Chinese spice that consists of finely ground pepper and salt and other stuff I'm not sure of. It's usually used as a seasoning for breaded, deep fried things.

                    1. Since it's not been mentioned yet I'll add za'atar. Excellent on popcorn. I recently used za'atar and garam Marsala in a mix. The za'atar gave a tart lemony taste and the garam marsala a warm complex taste.

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                        Oh man. Za'atar. Never thought of that.

                        That would be awesome!

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                          My second Maryland related post of the night. Old bay and butter is the best.

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                            Also like sliced, pickled jalapenos and a few spoons of the brine from the jar.

                            Or sliced pickles and some brine from that jar.

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                              I had dinner in a restaurant the other night that gives you a bag of bacon fat popcorn instead of bread. Delicious.

                            2. A drizzle of sesame oil and some teriyaki sauce.

                              1. I love vinegar, butter. And hot sauce.

                                1. Wasabi in melted butter with black sesame seeds is delicious!

                                  1. Adobo seasoning - the Penzey's blend is garlic, onion, Tellicherry black pepper, Mexican oregano, cumin and cayenne. With just enough oil or butter to make it stick.

                                    1. Peanut butter thinned with a little metled butter, salt, sugar and some toasted sesame seeds.
                                      Nutella and salt.
                                      Gremolata (lemon zest, garlic, parsley, salt)

                                      I have some botarga in the fridge and I wonder how that would be, micro-planed over hot popcorn with butter and parsley....

                                      1. Im a big fan of making duck fat powder and then sprinkling it on popcorn every once and a while. No worse healthwise than butter, but certainly more tasty!

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                                              very straightforward. Tapioca Maltodextrin sounds like its comlpicated to use, but its ridiculously easy , just add it to liquid fat, mix and voila, you have made powder.

                                              Its also great for things like walnut oil, sesame oil, and even olive oil

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                                                i have a small obsession with tapioca maltodextrin... i went through a stretch of a few weeks where i was "powderifying" everything...

                                                caramel, homemade nutella, nut butters, creme anglaise, browned butter, etc...

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                                                  you can sit by me at the tapioca maltodextrin obsession club meeting.... I am guilty of making bacon snow...olive oil powder... trying to make peptobismo powder.. ohhhhhh it was some weird powder times picture the Simpsons episode when they spoofed Scareface and homer was sitting in the yard with all sugar... I feared that would be me..

                                        1. Garlic infused olive oil and smoked paprika.

                                          Tapatio hot sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime.

                                          1. You favorite bbq sauce in a squeeze bottle and kind of shake and spot it on, don't drench it.

                                            1. Kelp granules is a new favorite for me.

                                              1. I love furke on popcorn it is a japaneese rice seasoning
                                                I also like taking dry steak rub and sprinkling it on it
                                                for sweet throw some sanding sugar in it

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                                                  I love furikake as well. I usually throw it in salads as well as swordfish and tuna.

                                                2. Yuzu pepper or seaweed salt, or on the saccharine side, how about the caramel found in stroopwaffels?


                                                  1. Melted butter mixed with chipotle powder drizzled over.