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Aug 4, 2011 05:49 PM

I need the best ever recipe for Fried Chicken for dinner tonight!

I have all my pieces of chicken marinating in a blend of milk and lemon juice as I had no buttermilk, pure chipotle powder and Lawry's seasoning salt. This has been marinating for about three hours. I am now in a quandry as to the batter. We tried a wet batter last week but some of the crust was a bit chewy. This time around I am thinking maybe a dry batter? What is your best ever fried chicken coating? I am re-using my oil from last week, which has been quadruple strained and stored in the regrigerator and I will be using a pot to fry in, not a fryer machine. Thanking you in advance for your responses! I am new here to Chowhound!

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  1. I didn't need a recipe after all. I had promised my son a fried chicken dinner after work. When he got here I told him that big vat of oil was scaring me so he found a recipe and truely did make the best ever fried chicken we have ever eaten!

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      Oil was scaring you? It's real easy to make great fried chicken even if you never do it the same way twice. The late great Edna Lewis has a "best ever" recipe that's labor intensive and has to be begun 2 days in advance. One method is to simply rinse the chicken, dip it in seasoned flour and fry it. You can also set up a breading station ( flour, egg wash, seasoned flour) then allow it to sit on a rack, refrigerated, for a spell so the breading won't fall off into the pan, then fry it. How much work and cleanup you're willing to do should decide what type of fried chicken you want to make.Sometimes the simplest is the "best ever"! Welcome!

    2. You can try mixing the chicken with bread crumb ( the ones that come in a can). After frying, it comes out looking delicious and crispy.

      1. That is exactly what my son did! His recipe did not call for breadcrumbs but he saw them in my cupboard and threw them in. I balked at that addition but I do believe that is what made it the best ever!

        Update: I just had a taste of the now refrigerated chicken - now the best ever cold fried chicken!

        1. The best coating I've ever used was matzo meal. Very crisp and not greasy at all. Now I won't use anything else.

          1. Flour seasoned with Lawry's, thyme, a ton of pepper, a dash of Old Bay, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne and lemon peel. Double dip and you should get a generous coating that will crisp up phenomenally in the pan. For added flavor, trying frying Mexican chorizo in your cooking oil before using it for the fried chicken.

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              Double dip, yes indeed. I've always used a big spoonful of bacon grease or slice of country ham in my oil before frying the bird. Chorizo sounds fantastic! I can't wait to try that. Thank you! I am so making that my own.