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Aug 4, 2011 04:56 PM

*incredibly* skimpy portion sizes at jitlada

i ordered a coco mango salad to go at jitlada today, one of their signature items which i have enjoyed many times, and when i got home i was completely shocked and pretty furious given i was starving (and pregnant) to discover a SINGLE chopped up shrimp scattered throughout the salad. i can post photographic evidence, but seriously, i started digging through the salad, piled it all up and the amount of shrimp was no bigger than my thumb, honest to god. i am actually really, really angry. and still extremely hungry. were it not for the amount of traffic right now i would drive back and complain. i have NEVER complained about such a thing in any restaurant before. has this happened to anyone else?? has the quality in general started to go downhill??

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  1. Cam the Man reports he was underwhelmed by the mudfish curry a couple of weeks back. Jitlada should know better than to mess with a pregnant person!

    OTOH, Spicy Thai BBQ's portions, on Monday, were fine, and they've got some interesting northern stuff on their menu, too! They still need to get their front door fixed though; it's apparently been a problem for years...

    5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

    1. I think the quality is declining. They certainly can be skimpy with seafood. Their eel rolls are a joke. The freshness is not always there either. Still, the flavors can be delicious and other-worldly.

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        Can't speak to the portion sizes (I don't necessarily order the same dishes each time, which makes it hard to compare), but the service has gotten even *worse*. Was there w/ a friend 2 wks ago, and it took 20 or so minutes just to get someone to take our order. The food, of course, took forever. And then it took a very long time to get the check. We gave them 2 credit cards, we got 1 back. And when I presented this problem to them, they looked genuinely dumb-founded and then there was a bit of a flurry behind the counter before they finally found the missing card (which had apparently fallen on the floor).

        They have signs up now stating that good food takes time to prepare. I'm totally fine w/ that, but there's a difference between service that's simply slow and service that's borderline incompetent. They gave us the dishes that we ordered; that's about the best thing I can say about the service.

        While the food is still excellent, IMO, the service was so horrific that I'm really going to have to give it some serious thought to determine if I'm going to return.


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          Agreed....after my last visit I thought that I need to find a replacement. The flavors and seasonings left much to be desired.