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Aug 4, 2011 04:43 PM

Need Sugestions on good restaurant in entertainment district toronto

Hello all here is my story i am planing a bachelor party in toronto we are staying down at the harbour castle and was wondering what a good place would be to go for dinner that would be fun for a bachelor party. looking for a fun atmospher where we can be a little load get our pre drink on and also a place that has attractive females cause of course this is a bachelor party. price is not overly an issue but not looking to brake the bank.

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    1. re: iMarilyn

      no not like hooter not looking for a chain restaurant.

      1. Youre not going to find many suitable places in the entertainment district. I suggest you head to queen west and go to "the drake". Then you can bar hop along queen, and ossington as well.

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        1. re: justpete

          Yes that's a much better option than anything on King or in that general area.

        2. Maybe Real Sports bar near the ACC?

          1. Ultra supper club has good dinner and is a great lounge!!!

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            1. re: akhorasanee

              Ultra has never had good food. Big ick! Not to mention it feels really old inside now. But the rooftop is great.

              1. re: JennaBean

                Agree w/ Jenna on all points. Almost inedible food, horrible service, nice patio.