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Aug 4, 2011 03:55 PM

Boston Foodie tours or city/cultural/historical tours

I just signed up for the North End Market Tour recommended by some Chowhounders here :)

Super excited for it...I never thought I'd like these tours till I did the Hawaii Food Tours with Matthew Gray

which turned out to be amazing, recommended friends to it and they loved it too :


Just wondering if there were other "food" or good tours that people would recommend to get to know the city of Boston and it's culture/history more...eating along the way is always a good plus haha

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  1. Michelle Topor who runs the North End tours also offers one in Chinatown.

    The Duckboat tours are also kind of fun. And the Boston Public Library does interesting free tours a couple times a week.

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      thanks!!! i saw the Chinatown one but thought we'd do the North End one first and see how that goes...are there any other foodie Boston tours?

      Oh and we signed up for the duck tour haha and plan to see the Boston Public Library too :)

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        I did the duck boat tour when my parents came into town a few years ago. Not sure if I would do it again but it was a good time. They mentioned on the tour that the Omni Parker House invented the Boston Cream Pie. I feel like it would be fun to do a self guided tour of some historical food spots and I'm sure that chowhounders could compile a list for you.

      2. Union Square, Somerville has an impressive variety of ethnic food markets and restaurants - Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Korean and more. There have been official guided tours given in the past, but I can't find any info on current ones. However, the Somerville Arts Council has published a brochure describing them which would enable you to do a self-guided tour:

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          I'll second Union Square. I do that "tour" myself every few months. It is a great food destination and on Saturday Mornings it has a wonderful farmers' market to add to the fun.

          Because this type of conversation will have a long shelf life you should also look at the Boston University seminar schedule to see what tours in their current program. Something might happen when you are here. Right now I only see tours in May but that looks like a great series.

          And one more source for one day food fun is at the Boston Center for Adult Education. They have had tours of the Middle Eastern Markets in Watertown, tours of Chinatown, and more.

          The have a class coming up on the 15th that tours the Copley Farmers Market and then goes back and makes a meal from what is gathered. Their offerings change all the time. And, they have a GREAT facility with wonderful teaching kitchens.