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Aug 4, 2011 03:32 PM

Two nights in Piedmont -- where to eat?

We will be in Piedmont, staying in Alba, for two days and two nights in October. I've been through some past discussions, but if you had to pick two places for dinner in the Alba/Asti/Barolo area, what would they be? Needless to say, white truffles are a priority.

Lunch recommendations are also most welcome!


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  1. What's your budget?

    Search on this board for Piedmont and you will find hundreds of recommendations.

    In October every decent restaurant should have truffles.

    1. Hello joeyjojo,
      I live in Canelli, 30 Km from Alba and 20 from Asti, and being a food lover I know quite well the restaurants of the area. Generally restaurants and shops are more expensive in Alba and the Barolo area, but if you move to the east, in Canelli or Santo Stefano Belbo, you can find the same standards of Alba restaurants at a lower price and food and wine are delicious as well.
      I would suggest "Ristorante del Belbo da Bardon" in San Marzano Oliveto: very typical home made food and a huge wine list. They always have truffles in Autumn. This is my favorite restaurant because it is not that expensive considering the quality of food and service.
      Another good restaurant, a little more expensive, that offers typical food of the region is "San Marco Restaurant" in Canelli.
      A little more expensive but great: "La ciau del tornavento in Treiso", close to Alba.

      Unfortunately their websites are not helpful, so I am linking their reviews on Tripadvisor
      Ristorante del Belbo da Bardon:
      San Marco Ristorante:
      La Ciau del Tornavento:

      Have a nice stay!

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        Ristorante Bovio in La Morra has amazing food and a terrace view for miles...fantastic.

        Via Alba, 17, La Morra (Cuneo), Piedmont 12064, IT