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Aug 4, 2011 03:16 PM

Family Friendly Suggestions

Needing some family friendly restaurant suggestions near the Museum of Natural Science, and Hermann Park? Also, the Galeria area?
We're pretty flexible with cuisine. Kids love Chinese, Tex-Mex, Burgers, Cajun and seafood.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Kam's or 3-6-9 for Chinese on/near Montrose-westheimer might work for you,, close to the Museums.. Danton's is nearby as well for seafood.. Go to Niko Niko's and try the Athenia (feta) Burger,,, really big, really juicy,, really good.. the fries are terrific too as is the parade of people that eat there. BB's cafe is a block away and serves up new orleans style po'boys, gumbo, etoufee etc.

    Niko Niko's
    2520 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006

    1. My kids really like Natachee's Supper & Punch (comfort food). I like the food but the service is spotty and indifferent after several visits. They do have a kid's menu, and a sandbox area (kids eat free Tuesdays). Little Big's (slider joint) is fun for kids, good small sliders for them, and they have nice shakes and a patio. Here is an article from Houston Press that may help:

      Also, if your kids eat Middle Eastern, Aladdin @ the corner of Westheimer & Montrose is great - they have lots of nice juices, and our kids really like their hummus, chicken and fresh pita bread.

      1. I'm decidedly an "Outer Looper" so I will let someone else answer for the Museum District, but for the Galleria area, I'll toss out the following:

        Chinese - Red Pepper on Westheimer and Chang's on San Felipe. These are "entree and an egg roll" type places at lunch. A little farther down Westheimer is TanTan, one of my favorite lunch spots. It's a bit more authentic style cuisine.

        Tex-Mex - Molina's on Westheimer just west of Voss. I don't eat Tex-Mex out very often, but Molina's is pretty standard for the style. (Near Montrose is El Real, which I can recommend as "Classic Tex-Mex", even "Nostalgic Tex-Mex". We ate there last time I hit the Museum of Fine Arts near the Museum of Natural Science.)

        Burgers - Upscale there is Pappa's Burgers on Westheimer. at roughly Augusta. My mom's favorite is Beck's Prime on Augusta at roughly Westheimer. It's more of a "burger joint". Even more "burger joint-y" are Cliff's on Fountainview near San Felipe, and Southwell's on San Felipe near Fountainview. (The symmetry in this paragraph is making me hungry!)

        Cajun/Seafood - I like Bayou City Seafood on Richmond just outside of the Loop. Avoid Luling City Market next door for BBQ. Just don't.

        Also near the Galleria, (and I'll probably catch hell for this), is James Coney Island, a small local chili dog chain. My son loved it when he was small and we ate there frequently.

        In any case, please come back and let us know where you went and what you liked. TIA.

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          James Cristinian here to personally give you hell about James Coney Island, not. I love me some JCI, original no cheese. Plus the non-carbonated Delaware Punch is the same stuff I used to drink as a kid back in the 60's, a must have. I'll also second Bayou City, too bad crawfish season is over, they have some good ones. I'll ad Hong Kong Chef in Bellaire, an old school hole in the wall with the kitchen in front and spartan dining room in back. We order the shrimp kew, fried fresh shrimp in a light brown sauce with veggie, plus the best egg rolls and won ton soup all at stupidly cheap prices. We order extras of everything to take home.

          Hong Kong Chef
          5112 Bissonnet St, Bellaire, TX 77401

          1. re: DoobieWah

            Correction: Bayou City is on Richmond just INSIDE of the Loop.

            Bayou City Seafood and Pasta
            4730 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77027

          2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! Really glad I joined this board, and plan on using it quite often.
            Schedule was pretty hectic, so we weren't able to do as much as we would have liked (especially food-wise).
            We hit a chain for lunch. Regrettable, but we were running late. Hit the Natural Science Museum for a few hours ($90 freakin' dollars for four tickets to the museum and four IMAX tickets)! We did dinner at Mardi Gras, on Durham, for dinner. This is one of our usual spots when he hit Houston, back since it was Floyd's Cajun Shack. Pretty solid stuff. We had some boiled shrimp, seafood gumbo, boudin, and the oysters lusianne (sp?). The Shiner Ruby Red Bird on draft was a good end to the day.
            Only meal out on Saturday was dinner at Tan Tan on Westheimer. This was a recommend from a buddy. Really enjoyed it. Had the house special rice app, Tan Tan 3 flavors rice, won ton soup and some Peking duck! Way too much food, but everything was good. Tiger beer was a bonus.
            On Sunday we did brunch at El Real. Loved the building, and the Magnificent Seven was on the big screen! Had the fajita and egg brunch plate and my wife did the Chorizo and egg plate. Chorizo was a bit dry, but everything else was pretty good. Kids had the breakfast tacos and chicken quesadillas. No complaints from them. My buddy had the El Real burger, with a fried egg for good measure, and it looked awesome! Will need to try it next time.

            Again, thanks for all the help!