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Food you eat after dark

I'm curious if there are foods you eat after dark, as in once all your meals are done, and the sun has set.....You know, the forbidden kind :)

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  1. Ruffles potato chips and the Ruffles french onion dip in a jar. I actually can't buy them anymore because I must eat them if they are in my house! Late night, while watching TV, eating chips and dips is my perfect lazy weeknight!

    1. Sadly my after dark/dinner snack is very boring, but hits the spot.
      I eat wheat thins dipped in cream cheese, then follow up with some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of scotch.

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          cream cheese "dip" is mt after-dark snack too... i get the fat-free so i feel less guilty but everything crunchy gets dipped in! sometimes ill mix it with jelly too.

        2. Popcorn. (Personally, I think it should be a food group all by itself!) That and drumsticks (chocolate) in the summer.

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            We must be joined at the hip. l only eat popcorn after dark, and this summer, I've indulged in more Drumsticks, after 9 pm, than I care to count. I should really start making my own.

            Generally speaking, chocolate consumption is an evening only event for me, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cupcakes, whatever, you get the picture.

          2. Cold lunchmeat, standing in front of the fridge.

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              Guilty as charged of eating just about anything in front of the fridge, around 1 am.

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                Popcorn, generally, but if there's cheese in the fridge, look out.

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                  of course, because for the after-dark foods we cant turn on the kitchen light and need the fridge light so we can see!

                2. Cheese, smoked salmon and crackers, ice cream, and .....cheetoes.

                  1. Cheese....all kinds, but usually just plain slices of a good sharp cheddar.

                    1. ice cream ... it's great anytime, but especially great after dark!

                      1. Another ice cream muncher here.

                        1. All you "in front of the fridge eaters" should know that if you eat it in front of the fridge, the calories don't count . My homemade cherry macadamia chocolate chunk ice cream in front of the fridge around 2 a.m. is the very best. Sigh

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                            "the calories don't count ."


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                              Funny amazinc, I am going to do precisely what you do from now on, and enjoy every bit of that guiltless pleasure.

                            2. I am guilty of everything! Cold meats at the fridge door, chips and onion dip, ice cream, popcorn, smoked salmon and cheese. Sometimes a bowl of cereal and also toast.

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                                I'm pretty certain that something magical happens to cereal that makes it taste better when it's dark.

                                Outside. Dark outside. Not dark cereal. Though that can be good too . . .

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                                  Oh, I love the last line, guilty " Not dark cereal. Though that can be good too ."
                                  brilliant :=)

                              2. chocolate teddy grahams-dont tell my kids!

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