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Aug 4, 2011 01:10 PM

Stew Leonards ice cream and others in the county (preferably by the container)

First, is Stews good? I can't recall the last time I had it. They're a dairy store with their own cows so it would be nice, but you guys are the experts.........

I was reading this guy's review

Longford's was rated the best, not surprisingly being the only game in town pretty much. I didn't expect to see Edy's held in such low esteem, sure they're in every drugstore freezer but the the taste always worked for me, perhaps my palette needs refining here (lord knows I'm picky enough about other foods). The rest sound about right, though I've never tried Cold Stone or Blue Pig.

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  1. I've had their soft serve. I normally don't like soft serve because it's usually pretty weak in flavor, but I will say that their soft serve is among the most chocolatey chocolate soft serve I've ever had. Not the best ice cream ever, but pretty good.

    Skip the gelato counter though. It's awful.

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    1. re: Avalondaughter

      Yeah I've had soft serve at the sizzler and chinese buffet and college cafeteria back when I was way less particular. Maybe I'll buy a cone while I shop though.

      By the way, this caught my attention:

      God forbid they just say "fresh ice cream" assuming they use no chemicals which would be a pleasant surprise. And it's not just premium, but "ultra premium" for $3.19 a pint.

    2. You've gotta try Blue Pig... I try to get there every week... last night we had the bourbon butter pecan, which was stupendous. A close second: kahlua cookie, which is cookies and cream with a coffee base instead of vanilla.

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      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

        Now that's what I mean by expert, your username says it all. I was in Ossining today and thought about driving an extra few minutes to Croton to find Blue Pig, next time I definitely will. Someone on yelp said they grow their own strawberries on the roof (???) and put bacon fat in the bacon ice cream (???!!!)

        1. re: ExtraCheese1

          I haven't seen their bacon ice cream in a while-- I think they do it as a novelty now and then-- but it's actually quite delicious. I don't think I could eat a whole scoop of it but sweet and smoky bacon bits smothered among their luscious vanilla base ... definitely worth a sample!... but the bacon/leek ice cream was a little too out there for me! Not sure about the strawberries, but I think they grow their own herbs-- any of their minty flavors are definitely made with real mint.

          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            Those "exotic" choices can be way too extreme. Even the ones with cake or jellybeans are mismatches if you ask me. A basic chocolate or vanilla with superb ingredients is what I'll be getting.

            1. re: ExtraCheese1

              I think Blue Pig does a good job of carrying both unique flavors and basics. Their chocolate, vanilla, banana, and coffee bases are all great. My absolute favorite flavor there is cookies and cream.

            2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              Recently had their chili chocolate--I was warned that it was spicy, and I like spicy, but it was HOT! Very weird sensation... I would not have it again, I prefer to enjoy my ice cream sweet. Kahlua cookie sounds wonderful, will have to try that.

        2. Hands down for quality and price,Trader Joe's it is better than many independent ice cream shops.

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          1. re: chowdom

            I've had the opportunity to try Trader Joe's ice cream many times but can't remember actually doing so. Their gelato looks really good (have you tasted it?)

            1. re: ExtraCheese1

              I have not had TJ's gelato... also I personally do not care for Stews ice cream

              1. re: chowdom

                Well we're not hearing too much enthusiasm for Stews, I might go today and look for that pint just to test (and tell you all what I think of course).

                1. re: ExtraCheese1

                  I'd skip it and go directly to TJ's for the coffee, chocolate and vanilla in that order...

          2. Stew's soft serve is far better than their packaged ice cream. The pints are close, but I wouldn't bother with the half gallons.

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            1. re: iluvcookies

              That's funny, soft serve has a reputation for being kind of cheap and junky at other places, while the hard stuff is considered superior. Your statement seems true when accounting for the high turnover at the Stews counter where people can grab a cone for while they shop/browse and parents often buy for their kids.

              1. re: ExtraCheese1

                I've always been partial to soft serve (especially Carvel and Kurver Kream in Albany)... I never thought it inferior.

                The Stew's pints--the same ones in the link above-are very creamy and don't seem to have a lot of overrun. If I had to guess, I tastes almost as if someone put soft serve right into the pint and froze it.

                1. re: iluvcookies

         is a good short video on the topic, "hard" ice cream is pretty much soft serve that's been in the freezer a while. After quite a few Carvel cones in my youth, I might reserve the "inferior" label for some of the cafeteria versions.

                  I still haven't gotten to Stews yet (last time I think was early June) but maybe over the weekend. Might have to bring a cooler if the hot weather persists, AC isn't always enough.

            2. A big thumbs-down to Cold Stone; it seems gummy to me.

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              1. re: lemons

                Not to mention they're the most expensive on the list!

                1. re: lemons

                  Cold Stone has to be one of the most overrated ice cream brands around. Their ice cream IS gummy - just look how it stretches like rubber when they are adding your ingredients and mixing them in.