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Aug 4, 2011 01:06 PM

Wanted: Outstanding chicken breasts!

I'm running out of ideas on how to turn plain looking chicken breasts into something outstanding!

I keep buying them, because they "appear" easy to put together, but when I'm done with them, they're sort of blah.

Please help me prepare outstanding chicken breasts:)

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  1. one of my families favorites (though I do make my own pesto sauce rather than store bought)

    I also like pesto chicken salad

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      Looks nice, but sadly I don't eat cheese...(See how complicated this gets? lol)

    2. If they are bone in with skin on (breasts) I have the butcher debone them for me. This way the skin stays in tact. I marinade them in a a really good greek salad dressing overnight. I then stuff them under the skin. Different combinations I have used is goats cheese, roasted red peppers, or feta, and sundried tomatoes. The skies the limit. I throw mine on the BBQ or in the oven and baste with some more dressing so the skin gets nice and crispy.
      I have also removed the skin and bone myself and made chicken tikka misala. You can also make chicken schnitzel buy slicing the breasts horizonal and bread with seasoned panko crumbs. Chicken masala is also great with a risotto. For chicken pieces I have breaded them with panko and parmesan, spray with melted margerine or butter and bake. I then throw them on the BBQ and serve with a dipping sauce. Jamaican Jerk Chicken is to die for as well.

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        Yes agreed, I get them without bone as well. Greek salad dressing, home made?
        How do you make your jamaican jerk chicken? (I don't BBQ or fry)

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          I marinade it over night and then grill it but I see no reason why you can't do it in the oven or an electric grill. I know you said you do not fry foods but the oil is required in the marinade. I use olive oil. I have a recipe from a book I purchased when I was in Jamaica but there are a lot of recipes that are similar on the net. Most recipes on the net are poor imitations. I made this chicken with cod fritters when we were having our house painted. The workers, Jamaican, gobbled it up and didn't leave any for the boss who went to check on another job he had on the go. They told me it was just like their mama's back home. The one fellow said it made him a bit home sick. One of the best compliments I have ever received. This is the closest recipe I could find on line. You can play with the spices if you like. I cut back on the salt and use low sodium soy sauce as I do not normally eat a lot of salt so when something contains quite a bit I really notice it. I was told to limit my salt intake had no choice but to resort to no salt. I use it when cooking if a dish is missing a little salty flavor but would never recommend putting it on food as a seasoning after it is cooked. It does have a strange taste. But in a marinade or sauce it tends to mellow. (If you are on blood thinners you have to check with your doctor as it contains potassium chloride which may interfere with the medication.)
          Again, I use a fantastic greek dressing that contains no sodium from Healthy Heart Market online. That way I can sneak a little feta and not feel totally guilty.

          1. re: Pixie Muse

            easy homemade greek dressing: 1 part fresh lemon juice, 1 part red wine vinegar, 2 parts evoo. few cloves garlic minced or smashed and thrown in. dried oregano and sea salt to taste. dab of dijon mustard optional but will help dressing emulsify/cling to dressed foods. whisk all or shake in jar. refrigerate up to 5-7 days.

        2. I take boneless, skinless breasts and butterfly them so they open like a book (but not all the way through). Stuff them with pesto, guyere (or swiss) cheese, close them up and wrap with a slice of prosciutto. Put a dab of butter on top and bake.

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          1. Jerk paste on, and under the skin overnight, then smoke em up.

              1. re: greygarious

                Thanks Grey, yes I saw most of them but found nothing exceptional. I am drawn to very different, exquisite recipes, not your every day run of the mill:) But thanks anyway.!

                1. re: Pixie Muse

                  Not sure if your anti-bbq means the flavoring or the technique or both... This involves roasted chicken.
                  Love her or hate her...we really enjoyed Rachel Ray's Italian Barbecue Chicken.
                  Probably not exquisite, but I just loved the pancetta and the fresh basil on top. i don't keep generic grill or poultry seasoning around, so I kind of did my own thing for the dry spices, but it was tasty.

                  I also recently bought the spice sumac and have been loving it on poultry with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice.

                  1. re: Pixie Muse

                    When you rule out cheese, bbq-ing, and frying, you do tend to limit your options a bit. Are there other restrictions?

                    1. re: ChristinaMason

                      Thanks Christina, glad you picked up on that... :)

                      I don't like cheese, and I don't BBQ (yet), because the whole smoke thing concerns me, and I don't fry for obvious reasons. Other than that, I eat everything else ! I think.

                      1. re: Pixie Muse

                        If you want a challenge - or at least to try a new method of cooking - my absolute favorite way to cook chicken breasts is to cook em sous vide to 137 (can go a few degrees higher; but don't go much lower). Far more tender and flavorful than any other method I know of, still registers as fully cooked. Cook at least 75 minutes then rest and sear on all sides, or else cook for 100 minutes without searing. A little good olive oil in the sous vide bag is often a good idea. All you really need for such a basic application is a ziplock freezer bag, a big stockpot, and a good thermometer.

                        You can pick the sauce, spices and accompaniments, though I'm sure I can come up with something if you are drawing a complete blank.