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Aug 4, 2011 01:01 PM

Reuse frying oil?

I RARELY deep fry. I made my son fresh cut french fries for his birthday and wonder if I should get rid of the 2 qts of oil or if it could be reused? I wouldn't reuse it in normal cooking or baking, but was wondering if I could keep it for deep frying, and if so how long? Recommended storage method?

This is probably why I never deep fry! Thanks!

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  1. You can definitely keep if for another 2 deep frying sessions, provided you don't fry fish in it (unless both the 2nd and 3rd times or just the 3rd time is fish).

    I also use it for frying or sauteing.

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      ... about ten, if you do a lot. You'll know it when you've got too much burnt potato. but you can always strain...

    2. I always reuse the oil that I used for deep-frying. Restaurants do with the oil in the deep fryer. Sometimes, they will keep it around for a few days depending on how much stuff was deep fried. I would just cover the oil until it's next use. You can use it for any purpose.

      1. TIP= You can heat up a small chunck of ginger in your oil for 10-15 minutes in order to get rid of off smells, especially fishy smells.

        1. Strain in big strainer lined with coffee filter. Pour back into original container (eg gallon jug).

          Very important not to burn the oil.

          1. I strain the oil and use it about 2-3 more times with the final use being fish or onion rings.

            @ arktos---I will try your tip with the ginger. Thanks!