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Aug 4, 2011 11:43 AM

Need help on plans after dinner in North End

Hi all,

Going out for a great dinner Friday night in the North End with a party of 9. We have mid 50's down to two 18 yr olds with a few 20 somethings. The twentysomethings want to go out to hear music after and suggested the Seaport Area. The only problem is the night clubs won't let the 18 yr olds in.

Can you offer us a suggestion of where to go that could be outside for a drink after dinner, fun, might have music, but if not lively and bustling outdoor venue either near the North End or Long Wharf area or Seaport area? Any considerations like book a table at Atlantic Beer Garden outside and order one dessert and the rest drink? Or what have you?

Will go to modern pasty after dinner for a cookie and then taxi to our next destination or ride the T!

I even thought of the Beehive in the South End is it? Been there for dinner, band playing Fri night works for me, might be too jazzy for the youngins.

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  1. The Roof Deck bar at the new Legal's is really nice, but I don't know if you all will get in easily. It will probably be really crowded. I would think they would let the 18-year olds in, since it's not a "club" and they do serve some food. It is not totally exposed, so even if there is some rain it will be fine. There is no live music as far as I know. Maybe you should call them and ask about the chances of a big party getting in at a certain time and about the 18-year olds.

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      you need to be 21 to get into atlantic beer garden (which is a hell-hole, btw). as well onto the roofdeck at legal's.

    2. The Madonna Della Cava Society is having its annual festival that weekend. Just walk down to Battery and Hanover and see what's going on. There'll certainly be bands playing and people-watching opportunities.

      1. Hi everyone. Went to Al Dente in the North End. We all liked it a ton. Good food, very festive and the waitress and host were soooo friendly and very fun. Walked around North End and yes it was hopping.

        We tried to go to Fiore (sp) to the roof bar but got shut out, it was packed. Ended up at Four Season's for drinks and dessert, perfect way to end the evening!

        Thanks for all your

        Four Seasons Restaurant
        249 Lake Ave, Worcester, MA 01604

        Al Dente Restaurant
        109 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

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